cottage fix collecting and garden blooms

Why hello there Cottage Fix friends! Today I’m talking bottle collections and garden blooms. Nothing takes me to my happy place like a garden full of Spring color and the scent of a freshly cut lawn. And bottles and blooms together are pure eye candy I’d say. I started my bottle collection over this past winter, kicking it off with a variety of recycled soda bottles and jam jars. They look so sweet in a grouping on there own or with freshly cut flowers. They’re really nothing special, just rinsed out recyclables that were headed for the can. But I thought they were the perfect way to get me going on a bottle collection of sorts.Cottage Fix blog - vintage bottles and garden bloomsSo then, on our way home from our little Spring Break get–away to the Virginia Mountains (images on my IG page too) we stopped off at a couple of antique shops for a little looksie lu and to stretch our legs. Believe it or not, a four hour car ride is ever so long for our family after all! I found these sea glass colored vintage bottles to add to my somewhat generic collection — stepping it up a notch or two guys! The tall one has no markings, but the short squatty one was a Davis baking powder container.Cottage Fix blog - bottle collection on the kitchen windowsill I guess all in all they’re not that different from the soda bottles and jam jars I rinse and save, just older and prettier.Cottage Fix blog - sea glass vintage bottle and pink dogwood bloomsI trimmed a few branches from the garden to show them off. The lighter pink is dogwood and the very hot pink (almost red) is azalea.
Cottage Fix blog - collections and garden bloomsCottage Fix blog - soda bottle and azalea bloomsI’m off to catch up on the never ending laundry pile. It’s unbelievable how backed up things get around here from just a few days out of town. You’d think we each wear like five outfits a day or something! And then it’s off to the market and the bakery later on this morning. We’re on a bagel kick at the moment, especially with strawberry cream cheese. And they’re heavenly with a hot cup of coffee and cream at sunrise. Dreaming about bagels, strawberries, and a hot cup makes it just a bit easier to lug myself out from under the covers first thing.

See you soon!

xoxo Sally
Cottage Fix blog - sea glass vintage bottles and dogwood blooms


8 thoughts on “cottage fix collecting and garden blooms

  1. Julie

    The pink branches look gorgeous in those cute bottles, Sally. I just love spring branches! Bagels are one of my favorite food groups 😉

  2. Victoria

    I love your bottles! I save a lot of bottles also altho I had to part with some due to running out of space to store them in:( I love your sea glass bottles! Such a beautiful color:) My MIL taught me that if you put old glass out in very hot, direct sun it turns a lavender color. She lives in the So Cal desert area and her favorite antique shop puts huge tables of it out during the summer and it all turns the prettiest purply color. She bought me an old door knob that had been turned purple. Just a fun little fact there lol.

    We were at the mall last weekend and walked by the outdoor area of an Italian restaurant and they had these big colorful cans sitting on the tables, I’m on the lookout for one. I don’t think they were tomato cans but maybe red pepper cans of some sort? I loved the look!

    Have a lovely weekend Sally! So much fun seeing you on IG:)

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks Victoria! That sounds so cool! Does it work with new glass or does it need to be old? I’ll have to give it a try, sounds so pretty. xo

  3. Lisa

    Hi Sally,

    What pretty souvenirs you found on your vacation! Sea green glass is so beautiful for spring and summer decorating. Your dogwood blossoms are spectacular!

    Have a great weekend,


    1. sally Post author

      Hey there Lisa!! Thank you so much. I love the sea glass color too. And I agree it looks especially great in the Spring and Summer months. Have a lovely weekend. Xo

  4. Vickie

    Your pink blossoms are gorgeous, Sally! The bottles you found recently will be nice little reminders of your family trip. I can’t wait to see something blooming around here! Thanks for sharing your pretty photos with us and have a great weekend!

  5. kelly

    I love your pretty vintage bottles! I definitely think they add a lot to your collection. I have a few bottles like that in my basement that I bring out to display every now and then. They’re so perfect for little garden clippings. Yours look so pretty in your home. Enjoy your fresh bagels this weekend!

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