redbud and eastern hemlock

Salutations Cottage Fix friends! Last week was the kiddos spring break and honey took a couple of days R and R too. Despite the start of our holiday beginning with the removal of one teenage boy’s wisdom teeth, it was a relaxing, easy going week for us all. He only had one really bad day and then it was a week of sleeping in, computer games, and milkshakes. A few days of downtime is just what he needed!Cottage Fix - redbud branchesThe weather turned sunny and mild over the weekend. After a handful of misty mornings and overcast or rainy days, it was so nice to see the sunshine finally come out to play.
Cottage Fix - redbud and hemlockWe spent the weekend out in the yard. Mr. Manly had a few big jobs he had been waiting for spring to get to. And as for me, ya know, I’m not really sure what I accomplished. I was out there with him for part of each day, and other then getting a flat of impatiens into the dirt, I really have nothing to show for it. Oh well, it was still nice. Cottage Fix - vinca in the gardenI wanted to share a couple of my favorite trees with you that I’ve been enjoying so much this spring. The redbud is a vibrant bloomer of a fuchsia color and we have one growing right next to one of my other favorites, the eastern hemlock. The eastern hemlock is a droopy evergreen with tiny little pine cones—they’re so cute. The vinca above is growing underneath them and has really overtaken the whole side of the back garden. At least it gets pretty blue flowers.

Cottage Fix - redbud and eastern hemlockThe dark green mixed with the bright pinkish purple is looking like springtime for sure.
Cottage Fix - eastern hemlockThis lovely stack of wood is from a sickly bradford pear tree we chopped down because it has been dying a slow death for a couple of years now. We’re going to replace it with another flowering tree. For now, we’re leaning towards a weeping cherry, a “feature” tree they call it. We seem to keep loosing trees and bushes, I’m not sure if it’s from the two harsh winters one behind the other or what. Still it will be fun to plant a new showstopper!Cottage Fix - stack of wood in the back gardenxoxo Sally

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  1. Kelly

    You have such a pretty yard! I love all the trees and grass. Hope your child is recovering well from the wisdom teeth surgery. Having that done during Spring break was smart for an extra long recovery time. We just got done with our Spring break, but the school year is almost over! One more month left till summer break.

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