the back garden in Summer

Part of what drew us to this cottage style home was her back garden: boxwoods, blackberries, wisteria, and azaleas.  The garden is well established and what it lacks in seasonal color and perennial flowers, it makes up for with a well thought out design and several mature flowering trees.  We added the fencing and iron gate.Cottage Fix -iron gate at the entrance to our back garden

We changed it a little to add more lawn area and we’ve slowly been filling in the beds with cutting flowers and herbs.  I would love to add an archway covered in a flowering climbing vine, but I’m not sure where. This shot is of the back of our garage and the side entrance to the back garden.

Cottage Fix -the back of our garage and the back garden

I love daisies, they look like happy little sunshines!

Cottage Fix -Summer daisies

We cut back the mint this year and I was worried the bees weren’t going to come a-buzzin’. But they still came.  The mountain mint is alive with bees and wasps all summer long, mostly bumble bees.

Cottage Fix -bumble bee on our mint plant

This is the side entrance to our back garden. I’m thinking of adding a climbing rose to the taupe lattice.

Cottage Fix -side entrance to our back garden

Happy Independence Day!  Looks like we might get clipped by the tropical storm Arthur. Yikes!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix -lavender blooms in our hanging basket


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  1. Cindy

    Love your garden gate. It adds such a special touch to your fence and yard. You have a very nice yard with good bones.

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