accessories and road kill

I’m sure you’ve been losing sleep wondering where those bright blue accessories from the sun porch have disappeared to — I know I have.  Painting the sun porch white has created sort of a ricochet effect throughout our little cottage and everything is all mixed up and turned around!  It happens!

Cottage Fix - dining room table with white wicker chair and bright blue accessoriesWell, there they are.  I decided to use the wicker chairs in the dining room all dolled up with the bright blue floral pillows. I mixed in a couple of the wicker chairs with our new cross-back dining room chairs thinking I was doing a good thing. But last night at dinner, you would have thought I bought all new dining room furniture. I’ve never heard such a ruckus about chairs not being in the right spots and which window is the best window to look out while eating. It was kinda funny really, but the cross-back chairs have been returned to their rightful spots — crisis over!

Cottage Fix - white hydrangea bouquet and chippy paint shuttersI tend to shy away from hydrangeas because they only sell them in singles at the market. I couldn’t stop carrying on about how pretty these were, so my honey brought home three blooms. I think three are all you need to create a sweet bouquet.

Cottage Fix - shabby chic window treatments on the back kitchen windowI added a couple of the sheers that I removed from the sun porch to the back window of our kitchen.  This corner of our kitchen can be dark and the white sheers brighten it up a bit.

Cottage Fix - vintage chandelier waiting to be restoredLet’s talk about that chandelier just sitting there on the trunk all nonchalant. I picked up that cutie a couple of weeks ago while honey and I were on a walk. He was a little annoyed, but are you kidding me! I just can’t walk by a vintage crystal chandelier, put out for road kill, and not snatch that baby up. So there she is.Cottage Fix - dining room with cross back chairsThe cross-back chairs are back in the dining room and all is right in the world again. Phew, that was close! I ended up pushing the wicker with the blue pillow into the corner so we can pull it out when we need an extra seat at the table. I’m thinking of swapping out the light fixture in the dining room for the new road kill chandelier.  It’s a tough call because I love the one that’s in there now.  The problem is that it’s not that bright and sometimes I like it nice and bright in there. I ordered a set of vintage crystals from Etsy to fill in the missing spaces on the roadkill fixture and they haven’t arrived yet; so I have some time to mull it over.

Cottage Fix - trunk and crystal chandelierShe sure is pretty!

xoxo Sally

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6 thoughts on “accessories and road kill

  1. Mary Alice Patterson

    I love being invited into your oh so charming home!! Always a treat because you have created such a calm and pleasing to the eye ambiance for your family. Isn’t it funny how we find out what’s important to our family when we make a change?
    And that chandelier…on the side of the road?…really?? Wow!! I actually love how you have it setting on your coffee table/trunk while you contemplate it’s home. It looks awesome!!!
    Mary Alice

  2. Vanessa Bower

    Your sunroom is really looking pretty with all the work you’ve put into it. (I just adore white wicker.)
    I can’t believe you found that beautiful chandelier on the side of the road. What a score !!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps the the wiring is shot, but I’m sure you will be taking the precautions to have it rewired prior to hanging it in your lovely dining room.
    Thank you for allowing us a peak into your home,

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Vanessa! I happen to have a bit of a bad habit of bringing home light fixtures that have seen better days and usually need rewiring. It looks like this one has already been rewired though, so that’s a bonus for sure! Thank you for the sweet compliment!

  3. Cindy

    Love your new chandy and I would pick it up too. Your home always looks so inviting and homey. I love your white and blue mixture in every way you use it and never tire of it’s calming affect on me. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Kathy

    Lol roadkill. Love this terminology! Isn’t it funny how family can get upset over the silliest things. But they sure do, I get in trouble because I move the steak knife block around. Oh well!
    Great post!

  5. kelly

    I love how you called that chandelier “road kill”! I like it and would’ve pulled over to grab it too. Hopefully, it will work or can be made to work. I have those same blue floral pillows as you. Love those! I love hydrangeas as well, but don’t have many to cut from outside, so I use fakes! They last all year and look very real. You could always try that if you wanted.

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