cottage fix meets Paris on the sun porch

Hello cottage fix crew!  My summer projects are happily shuffling along.  I finally finished painting the sun porch white, well it’s more of a grayish white, I think.  I like to think of it as a Parisian white, is that a shade?  Anyway, I thought I’d go ahead and let you lovely ladies in on the little white sun porch with the little white painted bricks even though I’m not quite finished with the accessories and finishing touches.  If we wait for that to happen we could be here a while!  Sometimes I never get around to that part after all. Cottage Fix - sun porch with white painted bricks and Parisian touchesIt’s not the ideal day around here for photographing the sun porch, overcast with storms on the way.  I’ll get her again when the sun shows herself and maybe some throw pillows have found a way to sneak into my life! Cottage Fix - sun porch with white wicker, crochet, and brick floorsI lost the bright blue accessories in here so the crochet is filling in for throw pillows until I find some new ones.  The blue floral pillows are dressing up the dining room for now.  Instead of blue on the sun porch I’m pulling the warm colors from the brick flooring seen in the lampshade and plate grouping.  The funny thing is I’ve always wanted an all white room like the ones in the cottage magazines and some of my favorite blogs.  As soon as I slapped that white paint on I started looking for ways to add in color.  I guess the grass is always greener, or maybe whiter! Grin!Cottage Fix - sun porch with gold lamp and white wickerThis floor lamp was my Grandmas and was always one of my favorites growing up.  I guess I’ve always been attracted to romantic florals and soft colors.  I hung the three little plates to tie into the colors of the lampshade.  I know, I know, they’re definitely not all white! Cottage Fix - sun porch with white wicker, brick flooring, and hydrangea bloomsSo I picked up the vintage gold mirror a few weeks ago at a super cool vintage shop down the street.  It was a treat to myself while honey was out of town, which really doesn’t make much sense I know.  I was totally dreading him going out of town and I thought this mirror might help cheer me up. It did! This concept makes absolutely no sense what so ever to honey, but it works for me. I can see this golden frame hanging in a Parisian apartment with high heels thrown to the floor and an empty wine glass on the coffee table.  But it’s also looking smart on the cottage fix sun porch where vintage shabby style meets Paris.  Is that a thing?  Lets say it is, shall we? Cottage Fix - vintage gold mirror with soft floral shadeI found some linen pillows I’m obsessing over and I’ve added them to my wish list along with a super fuzzy rug.  And I took down the sheers to leave the large windows in here bare.  I tried out a few different drapery styles from around the cottage and a couple seemed to work — but one thing at a time. Cottage Fix - hydrangea blooms in a white pitcherI’d love to tell you I plucked those gorgeous white hydrangeas from the back garden, but it’s looking all green out there — not a bloom in sight!  My honey bought these three huge hydrangea blooms from the local market, and I’m pretending to have the green thumb of Martha Stewart.

Cottage Fix - white hydrangea blooms

xoxo Sally

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13 thoughts on “cottage fix meets Paris on the sun porch

  1. kelly

    I found your blog recently and fell in love with it. I like your style. Love thie sunporch makeover you did. It definitely feels cottagey and french! Love the mirror on the back focal wall too.

  2. Mary Alice Patterson

    Your sun porch is where you’d find me if I lived close by. Perfect place to sit and dream and relax! And I totally understand the concept of needing the gold framed mirror…makes complete sense!! :-))
    Mary Alice

  3. Cindy

    Your sun porch is so pretty and perfect for lounging. Looks so relaxing and quiet – just what I need right now. Can I come over and escape at your house? I hope you take the time to spend lots of leisure hours there before winter.

  4. Lin

    It’s wonderful, Sally! Such a great spot to dream in.

    I too thought I would go with all-white decor in our cottage, but have instead added some grays and pastels. Decorating is a journey and I haven’t got a clue where I’ll end up. 😉


  5. Julie

    Your porch is beautiful and so cozy! I love the mirror, and I’ve always been a fan of painted brick, so I love the wall. But my favorite part is the gorgeous floor…I am SO envious of that 😉

    1. sally Post author

      Hi Jody, welcome to Cottage Fix! I would be happy to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays! Going there now.

  6. lizzy

    I love the all white and the lamp is a real beauty. I would recommend painting th switcplate white too. Great job.

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