a romantic rainy day

Salutations! It’s nonstop rain here today on the East Coast, which I don’t mind. I like the odd rainy day as long as it’s sandwiched between several days of sunshine. I’m not sure why we correlate rain with romance, but it’s lovely. Doesn’t a cup of morning coffee seem to taste extra delightful when it’s raining out? Aah, a hot cup and a cozy knit throw on a soaker of a morning is pure bliss.

Cottage Fix - shabby chic bedding

Paisley on the other hand was a tad put off that I didn’t leash her up for a trot, instead we headed up for a session of Fitness Blender on the iPad. My back has been killing me since the battle I had this past weekend with the ivy in the front garden; the ivy won I’m afraid. So I tried the Restorative Yoga Pilates Workout to Improve Mood & Circulation. Fitness Blender is really my go to source for whatever kind of workout I’m in need of lately. I really wasn’t needing a mood improvement before I started, but I have to say after finishing the workout my back felt so much better and my mood did improve!

Cottage Fix - kitchen window in the rain

This is why Paisley’s not so fond of Fitness Blender – she spends it watching from my bed. Lets all feel sorry for her, shall we?

Cottage Fix - Paisley on my bed

So then it’s off to the store, which I’m not a fan of when it’s raining cats and dogs. I had hoped to pick up some flowers to brighten up the cottage dining room and counter the dark and rainy day (the pink ones in the bedroom are from the back garden.) I didn’t see anything I liked, for some reason the market I was at only had fall bouquets that had been died strange colors. Weird. I opted for some fresh pears instead which will make my teenage bear happy—he can’t eat flowers!

Cottage Fix - master bedroom with shabby chic bedding

This day is shaping up nicely and I like the pears. I’m quite happy with myself I have to say. Now for some domestic type things, I believe there’s about 20 loads of wash waiting for me in the basement and I’m thinking of finally putting on the new bedding that I’ve been collecting.Cottage Fix - in the rain

I’ve slowly been buying new goodies for our master bedroom. Cloudy billowy bedding can get expensive so I decided to stretch it out over a month or so. I think it’s really been several months now! Isn’t that how everyone does it? Anyway, I picked out a new shabby chic duvet from Target and all new pillows and a comforter from a discount store. I also splurged on a memory foam mattress topper after falling in love with the one we slept on while on vacation at the beach.

Cottage Fix - shabby chic bed with Ipad and sweater

I wanted to wait until Mr. Handy put the headboard up and then put the bedding on. But we need to fit in a trip to Lowes to get something or other he needs for attaching the headboard. I just couldn’t stand to wait any longer. The freshly washed bedding has been waiting for me piled up beside the bed for too long now. I think it’s feelings were starting to get hurt!  And there’s nothing like new bedding to cozy up in at the end of a long rainy day. I can hear the rain twinkling on the rooftop now.

Cottage Fix - candles and pears

xoxo Sally

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10 thoughts on “a romantic rainy day

  1. JoAnne

    I love a rainy day now and then too, especially if it’s a day I can stay home and be warm and cozy. Your bedding is very pretty so at least Paisley has a lovely bed to lounge on while you do your workout!

  2. Julie

    What a pretty room and a cute dog, Sally. The bedding looks very inviting, and I really like the frame and platters on your walls. At least you had a little company as you were doing yoga 😉 I will be starting a new Pilates class tomorrow, but sadly no dogs are allowed, haha.

  3. Vanessa Bower

    The wicker side table is sooooo “cottage” I can’t imagine anything else next to that sweet nest of a bed.
    I really liked the photos of your dining room and the rain on the windows. The way you used the light is just amazing. You are a very talented photographer.
    Thanks for a peek into your home,

  4. Cindy

    Love your new bedding. It looks like the perfect place to spend a rainy day. Your photos are lovely and you have such a way with words. I always enjoy reading your posts.

  5. Kathy

    i like the idea of decorating with fresh fruit if you can not find fresh flowers to your liking. Oh and poor puppy, he looks so sad!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. AnnMarie

    Your cottage and especially your bed are very pretty and cozy looking! I agree with the rain on the east coast….one or two days maybe, then it gets old! I like to stay inside with the lights off on dark, rainy days.

  7. kelly

    Oh I really LOVE your new bedding! I’m a fan of all white bedding myself. It will always be in style and it goes with any style. I love the Simply Shabby Chic line at Target too. Can’t wait to see your headboard when it’s ready. I’m not a fan of rainy days, but I agree that hot beverages always taste better during lousy weather.

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