a Christmas wreath of juniper and rosemary from the garden

Salutations! I’m blogging in today with a sweet whimsical DIY wreath to add a bit of Christmas curb appeal to any cottage. I just made this little guy using clippings of juniper and rosemary from the garden. It’s not flashy, but it’s just enough.

Cottage Fix - DIY Christmas wreath of juniper and rosemary

I was planning on purchasing one when we picked out our tree. But they all looked so dried out and I was afraid if the wind blew the wrong way it just might vanish into a puff of dust. So it’s a homemade DIY to the rescue—she’s just simple and sweet. Plus I just like making things.

Cottage Fix - DIY garden wreath

I started with a base of wisteria, my honey makes these for me all the time. Isn’t he charming! You can also find these at the craft store made of grape vine. I snipped some sprigs of juniper and rosemary from out in the back garden and secured them into place with green floral wire. Of course it’s not perfect, but it’s simple and understated. I added a red Christmas bow with the ribbon I scored on black Friday.

Cottage Fix - Christmas ribbonBusted! The dust on the door is evidence that our bathroom gut is well underway and not quite finished. Oh my, the dust is outdoors too. I didn’t notice it was so dusty until I saw it in the photo. I’m keeping it real with a dusty door.

Cottage Fix - Christmas wreath and candles in the windows

I do, however, draw the line with the toilet that’s sitting in the side yard. Christmas twinkle lights, a sweet little wreath, and a toilet in the side yard, I guess that says Christmas this year. Grin! Everything is out of the bathroom except the flooring—fingers crossed for smooth sailing!

Cottage Fix - Christmas wreath of juniper and rosemary fresh from the gardenxoxo Sally


5 thoughts on “a Christmas wreath of juniper and rosemary from the garden

  1. Vanessa Bower

    Oh how sweet your wreath is !!!!
    Simple, elegant, understated and just perfect. Sally, you have such a talent for decorating and I’m so happy that you share it with us.

    My mother told me a remodel is like giving birth. Once the project is complete you forget about all the pain and inconvenience and see only the beauty. Then after a couple of years, you’re silly enough to try it again. Mother was right.


  2. kelly

    You did a great job making that wreath! I like how some sprigs are sticking out from it too. Good luck with your bathroom renovation!

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