the tree is here so…

The tree is here so I had to change some things around. I’m sure I’m not the only one shuffling things around because of a little ole tree. Am I?

Cottage Fix - dining room and sun porch at ChristmastimeSo what did I change? It’s just the centerpiece and not the furniture this year; we went with a smaller tree than usual. Some people around here aren’t so happy about that, but every year we bring home a giant tree, move around furniture, and the monster tree overwhelms our space. So this year, I put my foot down, and we tried something different. My foot rarely goes down, just so you know. Yep I tend cave – a lot. Not this time. There’s a cute little tree on the cottage sun porch awaiting baubles and glitz!

Cottage Fix - Christmas centerpiece of fresh greenery and glitzy pine cones

The centerpiece I just made with the fresh greenery and vintage baubles was big. So big in fact that each night at supper I had to trolley it over to the sun porch so that we might have a chat during our meal. The centerpiece was also a bit much when I brought in the tree, so I changed it up.

Cottage Fix - sun porch with treeI stuck with the same hurricane and greenery for the new centerpiece. I just arranged the long branches around the hurricane along with some glitzy pine cones and added a big candle. It’s been raining, drizzling, or cloudy here for at least a week, with the exception of this past Sunday. I know, poor me. I wanted to add some candle light at mealtime and this whopper of a candle should last all season!

Cottage Fix - Christmas centerpiece

I added some drapery panels in the sun porch that I’m totally diggin’. More to come on those, but here’s a peek. If I had realized my reflection was in the mirror I would have tried for more of a photographer type pose. Oh well.

Cottage Fix - sun porch with tie top drapery panelsTree decorating and holiday baking await. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix - dining room at Christmas


6 thoughts on “the tree is here so…

  1. Julie

    Your home is one of the coziest I have ever seen, Sally. It looks so warm and comfortable, that I just want to sit in there with a latte 🙂 Your Christmas decor is really pretty!

  2. Robin

    I had to move a few things around and a few of my original plans changed too! It all works out great in the end … just like your new centerpiece. It’s so perfect and simple beautiful. I can’t get enough of candlelight this time of year. Every night I lite as many as possible before my hubby freaks out about it.

  3. Mary Alice Patterson

    Ditto everything Julie said above!! Love your tree…I caved on even getting a tree this year (more to come on that later), but went with a smaller one too. It’ll be interesting to hear the comments when my kids come home.
    Mary Alice

  4. Kathy

    I also bought a smaller tree this year and I am loving. Sometimes we just have to put our foot down. 🙂
    Love your use of fresh greenery. I want to incorporate some also. We live close to a small fresh tree company. I will see if they would sell me some extra branches.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lin

    Sweet. LOVE the light in your photography, Sally.
    I still have to go out and cut a little tree… perhaps before the next snow storm. 🙂
    Have a lovely one,

  6. kelly

    I don’t blame you for wanting a smaller tree. I got so tired of working in a large tree every year, that we finally got rid of it and got a table top tree. So much easier to decorate and deal with. I love your extra large candle you placed in a hurricane. I love candlelight everywhere too. I light candles every night around the house during the holidays. There’s nothing else like it, is there?

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