3 easy ways to use fresh greenery for Christmas cottage style

Hola Cottage Fix friends! Are we all decorating, and baking, and shopping, and being jolly little Christmas elves? I’ve only started with the first – decorating. And we still haven’t had the time to get together to decorate our tree. The kiddos are extra busy with school this time of year. And I like to make a big production of it, ya know? Christmas music, hot cocoa, and a roaring fire. And maybe I’ll wear my red pajamas, it’s fun like that! I have yet to do any shopping, or any baking though. Yikes, I’m a bad little Christmas elf I’m afraid.

Cottage Fix - Christmas chair swag made of fresh greenery from the gardenEvery Christmas I like to bring in as much fresh greenery from the garden as I can think up to use it. I wasn’t going to bring any in this year because sometimes it doesn’t last until Christmas and then I get all bummed taking down dried out greenery before Christmas even gets here. But what the hey – it’s pretty!

Cottage Fix - Christmas on the sun porch with a fresh greenery chair swag

A swag made of rosemary with a couple of sprigs of this and that secured with a red velvet ribbon. This little cutie is my favorite Christmas decoration so far I’d say.

Cottage Fix - fresh greenery chair swag secured with a red velvet ribbon

Rosemary filled pitchers on the entry row of hooks. This smells so good when you first walk indoors.

Cottage Fix - entry row of hooks with pitchers of rosemary for ChristmasA greenery filled enamel bucket hanging from a red velvet bow. I wanted to add a little something outside the kitchen window.

Cottage Fix - an enamel bucket filled with greenery for ChristmasNext year I’m considering going all out with a giant tree (I know, I’ll shuffle the furniture around and make room) and miles of fresh cedar roping. Ya know how you see something somewhere and it makes you wish you had gone in a different direction. That happens to me, a lot! With the bathroom remodel going on and everyone being so busy, a simpler Christmas is definitely right for us this year. Maybe I’ll go all out on the baking and shopping? I know the family wouldn’t mind that! Grin!

Cottage Fix - fresh greenery Christmas swag on the dining room chair

xoxo Sally


7 thoughts on “3 easy ways to use fresh greenery for Christmas cottage style

  1. JoAnne

    I’m trying to be a jolly elf but I must admit, sometimes I tend to be more of the grumpy kind : ( ! Greenery is just the perfect touch for Christmas. Your chair swags are so pretty – love them! Okay, so now I’m going to go work on being jolly!!

  2. Julie

    Sally, it sounds like you have the right idea about Christmas. Waiting until everyone can decorate the tree together and making an event of it sounds just perfect! I also tend to wish I’d gone a different direction much of the time, but I’m trying to do better about being content in the present moment.

  3. Vanessa Bower

    Oh Sally, those swags on your dinning room chairs are so sweet,I hear them screaming, “Christmas Cottage” !!!!!!!!
    I do believe that simple Christmas decor is pretty and a lot less stressful for the entire family. Your cozy little cottage is wonderful and doesn’t require all that “over the top stuff”. The way you are decorating allows the beauty of you home to shine thru.
    Thank you for sharing your home with us,

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