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Happy Friday Cottage Fix friends! Well, it’s been another one of those weeks with never-ending clouds and rain here on the ol’ coast of VA. And rain is in our forecast for both days this upcoming weekend. Ah man, the weird thing is I’m actually getting used to it. I keep thinking this is what it must be like to live in Seattle, the rain just keeps on coming and the coffee just keeps on brewing. Cottage Fix blog - British rose, wicker, and flowers from the gardenCottage Fix blog - shabby chic sun porch and flowers from the gardenOnce I’m settled into a dreary rainy day, sometimes I get annoyed if the sun tries to show up. Do you get that? You’re all snuggled up on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon with raindrops making music on the roof, a cup of hot coffee in hand, the movie just started to get good and here comes the sun. Now? Really?Cottage Fix blog - flowers from the gardenMy Honey and daughter are running their first 5k race this Saturday. Well it’s the first one for Honey, my daughter ran cross country for her school last summer. Fingers crossed for a few clear hours in the morning.Cottage Fix blog - hydrangea bouquet picked from the gardenCottage Fix blog - linen pillows and hydrangeas form the gardenCottage Fix blog - hydrangeas from the gardenFor the first time in a long while our hydrangea bushes are loaded with blooms. Apparently they weren’t getting enough water, well, that problem is so solved! We look out into the back garden getting pelted by rain day after day and just laugh. It looks like a rain forest and a jungle had a baby and it’s our backyard!
Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic sun porch and flowers from the gardenCottage Fix blog - hydrangea bouquetHave a wonderful weekend!!

xoxo Sally


4 thoughts on “cottage fix Friday Flowers from the garden

  1. Victoria Wilson

    Haha, I totally get the rain thing! It happens here all the time:) It doesn’t get cold of course but I do get in a mind set of “oh goody, time to hunker down and just lie around” then suddenly the sun’s blazing through and I feel like I should do something “active” LOL.

    Your flowers are so beautiful! How wonderful to be able to pick flowers from your own garden (without snakes of course!). Your room looks so pretty…I wish I could keep things that simple but I’m never able to. Everywhere gets taken over by my nick knacks! Oh well.

    I did put a blog post up yesterday so hope you’ll stop by when you have time:) Good luck to your daughter and your honey tomorrow…hope it stays nice and dry for them!

  2. Mary Alice Patterson

    I’m feeling the same way about the rainy days…starting to look forward to them so I have an excuse to stay inside. Crazy! Always enjoy your writing style and cozy cottage.
    Mary Alice

  3. Dore @ Burlap Luxe

    This weekend i am going to freshen up my home with flowers, it feels so romantic here, and you are inspiring some of that with me and my home.

    See you soon dear and all the beauty you surround yourself with.


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