architectural salvage and fluffy white bedding

Salutations! I’m blogging in today to share with you what I’ve been getting together in our bedroom, something I’ve had up my sleeve for some time. Nothing says fresh to me like a cloud of fluffy white bedding floating atop crisp white sheets. This shenanigan of mine all started with a Simply Shabby Chic duvet cover and shams I found at Target for 75% off. What could I do? I really had no choice! That bad boy was in my big red cart before I could even think twice. And since I had it on my mind that I wanted to downsize from a king size duvet to a full/queen I went ahead and opted for the smaller size. Ahh… a happy day for me!Cottage Fix blog - architectural salvage headboard and fluffy white beddingCottage Fix blog - shabby chic white bedding and shuttersA week or so later I found the white sheet set on sale also by Simply Shabby Chic and things were staring to come together. This is the same sheet set that’s on the twin bed in our extra bedroom.

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic white fluffy beddingNow to talk honey into hanging our headboard. We used this curvy dark wood as our headboard in our last home too and I still love it. It’s an architectural salvage piece Mr. Manly secured above the bed using a 1-by and screws. We finagled with the height a bit, but eventually got it looking right. 
Cottage Fix blog - architectural salvage headboardI still needed a new duvet insert in a smaller full/queen size to fit my new cover. I opted for this Naples down alternative comforter from It’s fuller than my old one—which I really like—and it has sewn-through box construction to prevent the filling from shifting. It’s medium weight should make it comfy for all seasons here in Virginia. Things are looking good!Cottage Fix blog - down alternative comforterCottage Fix blog - pale ink dresser and shabby chic beddingThe Simply Shabby Chic bedding is fresh and has lovely detail. This set has lace inserts that lend a soft romantic look without looking overly feminine. You guys know how I’m a sucker for lace.  I always like to leave mine looking sort of casual and rumpled. And since I don’t own an iron this is probably for the best. Wink.Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic fluffy white beddingCottage Fix blog - architectural salvage headboard and fluffy white beddingCottage Fix blog - hydrangea and fluffy white beddingAt the foot of the bed I always include a quilt or small blanket for Miss Paisley, mostly for easy care in case she brings dirty paws into the bed. I’m still not sure how we ended up sleeping with a puppy. I already had this vintage quilt which is all white on one side. It’s a bit tattered and worn, but I still enjoy it. And it’s perfect for our canine family member.Cottage Fix blog - architectural salvage headboard and fluffy white beddingCottage Fix blog - architectural salvage headboard and shabby chic white beddingSo, it’s a glorious day here and I’m off to pull ivy in the front garden. Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever get the entire yard looking good all at the same time. High hopes indeed.Cottage Fix blog - shabby cottage bedroom

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7 thoughts on “architectural salvage and fluffy white bedding

  1. Sally in MN

    Lovely duvet. I have some of the Shabby Chic sheets and love them. We started sleeping with our dog as a pup too (a Westie), and there was no going back. She would cry and whimper if we tried to put her down.

  2. Victoria Wilson

    Wow, you really scored with 75% off!!! I don’t blame you for tossing it in the cart, i would’ve done the same:) I’m pretty certain I paid full price for mine but it is really lovely:) I got the petticoat set during a 30% off online bedding sale on the Target website so it was under $60. Keep your eyes open for it b/c they do the sale quite often:) I always google target coupon codes too to see if I can get even more off:)

    I just love those little shutters on your window! So very quaint and cottage-y! I envy how bare you’re able to keep your walls, I try every time we move but stuff always slowly but surely starts going up:( I’m really going to try and commit to it more when we have our own place! Your bedroom looks gorgeous and the architectural piece fits perfectly over your bed!

    Enjoy your lovely cottage garden, keep away from the snakes:)

  3. Julie

    This looks so cozy and romantic, Sally. And I give two thumbs up to the no-iron look! I’m dying over your headboard…architectural Sam age is my favorite thing 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  4. JoanMarie

    Greetings – I LOVE your bedding and couldn’t agree more with the white color and the layers. You have created a divine sanctuary and so beautifully done. Absolute perfection!

  5. kelly

    Your new bedding is so pretty! I love white bedding. It’s so versatile and fresh. I’m a fan of Simply Shabby Chic. My bedding is from that line too. It holds up well.

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