Purple hydrangeas from my parent’s garden

Salutations! My parents brought me these ginormous purple hydrangeas from their garden early last week. After posting a photo of them on Instagram I realized that purple is not a common hydrangea color. So I asked my padre about them. He explained that he sprinkles lime around the base of the plants yearly to keep the soil pH levels up and help create the deep purple hew. Both of my parents are blessed with green thumbs that they inherited from their parents. Me, well, the tippy edge of one of my thumbs might be the slightest bit green, but that’s it. I still love to try and to learn though.Cottage Fix blog - purple hydrangeas Cottage Fix blog - purple hydrangeas on a farm benchMy mom arranged the sweet purple blooms in one of her collection vases, isn’t it a cool one! It’s a vintage Pfaltzgraff urn in soft green, she has a great eye for this sort of thing. The soft green color in the center of each hydrangea bloom is picked up by the color of the vase. Like I said, she has an eye for this sort of thing!Cottage Fix blog - purple hydrangeaCottage Fix blog - purple hydrangeas in the cottage living roomOh happy day! Tomorrow is the official first day of summer, and I’m ready for beach days and bbq. Hope yours is off to a fabulous start!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - purple hydrangeas


3 thoughts on “Purple hydrangeas from my parent’s garden

  1. kelly

    Absolutely beautiful! I do love the green vase and how it picks up the slight green in the flower. I wish i had deep purple hydrangeas like that in my yard to bring inside.

  2. Julie

    Wow, that arrangement is a jaw-dropper, Sally. You’re so right about the vase picking up the color in the flowers. I love the bold pop of color in your serene cottage, too. Happy first day of summer!

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