sage green armoire and pillows

Don’t laugh!  The armoire that I painted gray a couple weeks ago is now showing off a soft shade of sage green.  What can I say?  It happens!  It takes me forever to make up my mind and I often drag decisions out for as long as I absolutely can.  After months with no sofa, I picked out our family room sofa under a threat from my hubby “either pick out a sofa in 15 minutes or I’ll pick one out for us!”  I did already have one in mind and I guess he knew I needed a nudge to “add it to my cart.”


Anyway, I love paint!  It is so noncommittal and I can always paint over something if I don’t like how it looks.  And I often do!  The gray looked nice with the living room wall color, but I couldn’t figure out what was bugging me about it.  It really didn’t relate to anything else in the room.  Other than the fact that gray is a feature color in all the catalogs and magazines these days, I’m not really sure why I picked it.  Oh yeah, it was already in the garage and free!

cottage living room with blue toile

Have you heard of Sherwin Williams color match?  Well I decided to give it a whirl.  I chose the green shade from the floral pillow on my sofa and now — don’t hold your breath — I believe I might have a color scheme.  And I use that term loosely.  We’ve got ivory on the walls and throughout the room more ivory along with blues, greens, and naturals.

cottage living room with blue pillow sunroom settee 100_4443

I’m still trying to decide where all the pillows will finally land!