clementine centerpiece

We’ve been pinching our pennies lately trying to save for Christmas, the upstairs bath remodel, and all of those things that just sort of pop up when you least expect it.  I don’t like it at all, but I’m sure I’ll be happy when we are picking out tiles and faucets!  My mom dropped off these beautiful clementines and I decided to use them for our dining table centerpiece along with a couple sprigs of camellia.  I don’t usually go for orange, but it is one of Honey’s favorites and I like the bright contrast of colors.  Plus it’s a warm fall color, and I don’t want to spend a dime on flowers from the market.  Well I want to , but I’m not gonna.  Orange it is!  When we are sick of eating clementines I might switch to pears, they are a pretty color too.  Nothing like an edible centerpiece!

clementine centerpiece

The cake plate is by Martha Stewart from Macy’s, she is always coming out with a new white cake plate and I find them hard to resist.  This one is from a couple of seasons ago, but if you are hoping to get a similar one for your cottage I haven’t seen one yet that I didn’t love!

cakeplate and living room

Oh, and I’ve also been thinking about what fabric I want to use to have a slipcover made for my grandpas old chair.  You can see a bit of the chenille bedspread I flung over it sitting next to the sofa.  That might be a keeper.  Derby finds it quite cozy and snug, and how can you argue with a comfy puppy?

Derby on chenille