cottage color

Happy Friday!  Alot has been going down at cottage fix the past couple of weeks, some good, some bad. We sprung a leak in our unfinished basement and water sprayed and spewed everywhere, and of course it was bright and early Monday morning, bad. The basement got pretty wet before I happened to hear the water gushing out, ugg! On the bright side, it was fixed in a jiffy. I finished all of my fall planting and flower potting — the little clay pots might just make an appearance soon when the pansies start to take off.  I planted tiny English boxwoods, pansies, and kale this season.  A couple of the homes in our neighborhood have gardens filled with English boxwoods, and I am diggin it!  They are about 10 dollars a pop at Lowes for the smallest size bush,  so my garden is filled with two teensie boxwoods planted in two little clay pots!

vintage basket filled with pillows cottage buffet cottage buffet and basket

I have been experimenting with color in the living room, which opens up to the dining room, the sun room, and you can even see a little peek of the family room.  I am trying to keep in mind what colors are already in the other rooms and what I might want to add.  So after finishing the ivory paint I wasn’t exactly sure what direction I’d be heading with color.  Every time I paint a room I tell myself I’m going to pick out some fabric or a pillow first to choose a wall color.  Hasn’t ever happened and I have painted some rooms — let me tell you!  Blue will definitely be staying in the picture and we will see what happens from there.

ivory living room with blue buffet