dreaming of a cottage bathroom

I’m stuck in a dream of crisp white subway tiles, marble, beveled mirrors, clawfoot tubs, and drippy crystal chandeliers.  I’ve been pinning quaint cottage bathtubs and daydreaming of shabby chic whites.  While the laundry is piling up in the basement, I’ve been busy browsing through magazines and searching through blogs for the perfect bathroom inspiration!Cottage Fix - bathroom remodel materials.

Well, we had our contractor over last night for a bit of a reality check and to see what we’re really getting ourselves into.  And despite a couple of kinks, hold onto your britches… this thing might actually happen.  I haven’t seen my honey’s super cheeseball grin in a long while.  So now I’m in a whirlwind — I can’t think straight.  What do I like?  Which of my daydreams of sinks and fixtures have I narrowed it down to?  What did I decide was my favorite color scheme?

Cottage Fix- our first house bath design

We added this bathroom to our first house from scratch, which is how I was able to fit in a clawfoot.  It was for the kids, of course!  That seems to be how it goes.  The kid’s bathroom in our current home desperately needs a little love and attention.  Brace for it…

Cottage Fix - the before picture of our original 1933 bathroom.

So here she is!  Do you like her wallpaper?  Ahem, let’s go easy on her, shall we?  She’s not too bad really, I could have worked with her for sure; some of her vintage features are rather charming!  She’s proudly showing off her 1933 original cast iron and her “sometime later” floral wallpaper — wrapping clear around the ceiling.  Why is it wrapping clear around the ceiling anyway?  If that’s not inspiration for a do over, I don’t know what is.

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4 thoughts on “dreaming of a cottage bathroom

  1. Sally

    Wow, your former bathroom was gorgeous! Can you save the tub in the kids’ bathroom? It really is a charming space with potential. We are presently winding down our own bathroom remodel in our little city townhouse. We completely gutted it, including most of the subfloor. In went a new sink, tub, toilet, bead board ceiling, flooring etc. Hubby did everything (with me as assistant!), and our budget was $1,000. I’m so glad the bulk of the work is behind us because it is our only bathroom!

    1. sally Post author

      We have toyed with the idea of saving the tub and sink and having them both reglazed. But it’s looking like we’re heading towards a gut, we’re also replacing the old galvanized pipes from 1933. Congratulations on your new bathroom!

  2. Cindy

    I can hear the excitement in your voice. It will be fun to plan and pick new things before all the mess begins. Anxious to see what you come up with.

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