Cottage Fix crates and candlelight

Hello there Cottage Fix friends. It feels like it’s been raining here for days now, which is just about true. Whenever it rains steady like this for days at a time, I start to feel like I’m on the movie set of Godzilla with Mathew Broderick. Anybody see that one? It’s an oldy, but a goody! The cast spends much of the movie out in the pouring rain chasing and running from the big scaly girl.

Yesterday I was ever so lucky to be out and about without an umbrella and got soaking wet. What an airhead! Today I’m cozy–in’ up inside and setting that rainy weather mood. A couple of farmhouse crates and some candlelight along with the warm whites on the sun porch are turning this frown upside down. This is so much better than being pelted by raindrops. Now where are my fuzzy slippers?Cottage Fix blog - crates and candlelight on the cottage sun porchCottage Fix blog - crates and candlelightCottage Fix blog - warm whites and candlelightEven though the weather is starting to turn, we’re still waiting on fall here. The windows are all closed up tight, and the AC’s still humming away. It’s not incredibly hot or anything, but the sticky muggy air is hanging on tight. The pumpkins and pine cones can wait until the weather catches up. I broke out the pumpkin spice coffee over the weekend though, couldn’t wait a moment longer for that!Cottage Fix blog - crates and candlelight on the sun porchCottage Fix blog - decorating with crates and candlelightThese are the farmhouse crates from my aunt (I shared them a few weeks back). They are so versatile and also extra special to me since they came from my great grandparents apple orchard. On the sun porch they make charming little side tables for candles or coffee and magazines. And their petite size doesn’t impose on this tiny space. It’s sort of a rustic farm meets shabby chic thing going on out here. Cottage Fix blog - decorating with crates and candlelight on the cottage sun porchCottage Fix blog - farm house crate and candlelightCottage Fix blog - crates and candlelight on the sun porchLooking forward to a sunny weekend forecast!

xoxo Sally


4 thoughts on “Cottage Fix crates and candlelight

  1. Mary Alice Patterson

    Your crates add so much warmth to your sunporch. Love that they can be moved around as the need arises. Such a cozy spot with the candles. Yes, the AC is cranked up in our house too…way to muggy and hot for this time of year.
    Mary Alice

  2. kelly

    I love the ambiance in that pretty room with the candles glowing and all the soft pillows and throws. I think you’ve found the perfect way to enjoy a rainy day. We were lucky to get some much needed rain here last Sunday. It actually rained all day! It hasn’t done that all summer! We need so much more. But, I will take whatever we can get. In your case, I hope the rain lets up soon so you can get outside again. I love your wooden crates and the story behind them.

  3. Julie

    Those crates are the perfect addition to your cozy sun porch. I can just imagine curling up with a good book and a latte, listening to the rain coming down. We have one more hot day here in Nebraska and then it looks like fall will arrive. I have been drinking the pumpkin spice coffee for a couple of weeks already 😉

  4. Victoria

    Your crates are lovely and the candle light looks amazing, so comfy and pretty:) I’ve had so many bad experiences here with getting caught in the rain. Once we were running into the grocery store during a huge storm and got soaking wet. I had black mascara and eye liner on which ended up all down my face and in my eyes, it was stinging and I couldn’t open them. Kyran had to guide me to the ladies room so I could try to re-gain my vision…it was so funny. Now I’m very careful about eye make up during rainy season:)

    I hope you’ve had some nicer weather!!!

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