Cottage Fix shabby fall mantel

Salutations! I’m starting to wonder if the fall weather will ever stay put here on the ol’ east coast. Every chance I get, I pop open the windows to let in the breeze. But before I can blink twice, there’s a cold front on the way full of rain and moisture and they need to go right back down.

I’m just back from a walk around the block with Miss Paisley and it’s a bit muggy and windy out, looking like it might even rain some more. After the gallons we got last week and the on and off showers from today, I’m about done.

The trail where I usually hike is starting to grow mushrooms and fungi of all sorts from the dampness in the air. Earlier today I spotted a patch of bright orange mushrooms sprouting up high above the mulched leaves and looking quite proud and sturdy. It’s not exactly the crisp fresh weather I was hoping for.

Well, I decided to start thinking good fall thought anyways. I’m even fixing the fall supper that was requested all summer long in which I always responded “When the weather cools down I’ll make [name your favorite fall feast].” Yes, tonight we’ll be devouring sherry cream chicken and wild rice served with petite green peas along with a chilled glass of something bubbly. The chicken is browning in butter now and smells divine!Cottage Fix blog - shabby fall mantleCottage Fix blog - shabby fall mantleI started off the autumn feel here in the living room with squash from the market and fresh pink flowers. I thought the squash would also be fun to try fixing for supper one night… when it gets cooler. Wink! I dressed the mantle with one butternut squash to add some height and two buttercups for their dark green color and cuteness. It’s a simple and inexpensive look to add just a touch of fall flair.Cottage Fix blog - living room with shabby fall decorationCottage Fix blog- bright blue and gray pillowsI also brought back a couple of bright blue pillows in here to add to the dark gray knit. I like the way bright blue plays off of warm fall colors, it’s a fresh color combination. Cottage Fix blog - shabby fall mantleAren’t these little guys just the cutest!

xoxo Sally


3 thoughts on “Cottage Fix shabby fall mantel

  1. Victoria

    Oh my goodness, you must post your chicken recipe…it sounds divine! I love your fall mantle, so simple and pretty:) I got an electric fireplace a few weeks ago and am itching to decorate it but have to wait for hubby to hang the t.v. over it first, as of right now it’s hogging up the mantle.

    Your pillows look so pretty on the sofa, very cozy! I had to move my RA one to the opposite end of where I sit because the feathers are poking out and end up sticking to me.

    Happy Friday Sally! I hope you get some lovely, non-rainy, Fall weather!

  2. Mary Alice Patterson

    We’re feeling pretty soggy around here too, so I’m longing for some of the sunny cool crisp days we’re supposed to have this time of year.
    Your mantel adds the perfect fall touch to your cozy room. And your fall supper menu sounds wonderful.
    Mary Alice

  3. kelly

    Your home looks so cozy dressed for Fall. I love the pretty flowers and pumpkins on the mantel. Your dinner sounds yummy! We are finally getting some chilly weather here and even had chili tonight. It is not going to last though. Next week, the weather will feel more like summer (I’m told). Oh well, I’ll take it though.

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