vintage treasure hunting for your cottage

Are you looking forward to a bit of vintage treasure hunting this Spring?  I know I am!  I’ve always been intrigued by antique furniture and I’m a sucker for vintage treasures.  I guess my love of vintage finds really took off when we purchased our first home.  My mom would take me out to estate sales bright and early Saturday mornings,  and I couldn’t believe what great pieces we would come home with!
sun porch with vintage wicker

When it comes to purchasing old items I have a few rules that I try really hard to stick to.  The one that has gotten me into the most trouble is “don’t buy old upholstery or rugs unless you are certain their previous life did not include an untrained pet or chain smoker.”  I found a real beauty of a rug at a yard sale a couple summers back and I was so excited to bring it home that I didn’t realize it reeked to high heaven!  I didn’t notice the pungent odor when I was looking it over, I guess because we were outside.  If you happen to find an old rug or armchair you can’t live without, give it a real good whiff before you fall totally in love!


I think it’s ideal to find chairs or settees that can easily have the cushions entirely replaced.  This wicker settee originally had three rotten old seat cushions.  I chucked those and my neighborhood seamstress made this simple single cushion and skirt.  I found a cream mattelase bedspread at a yard sale and was able to wash and dry it several times before she made it into this slipcover.

DSC_0831Happy Hunting!