Cottage Fix lighty up Christmas

Hola Cottage Fix friends! The tree is up, the fire is lit, and the twinkle lights are twinkling. It’s all cozy and bright in here for the holiday season. I always keep the kids in mind when I decorate for Christmas, they have some strong opinions about what things should look like. A Christmas tree that reaches the stars was at the top of their wishlist, so I went with as close as I could find—ceiling height.
Cottage Fix blog - Christmas tree with twinkling lights and colorful baublesRed is also a must with them and I like it too. I tied thin strips of red velvet around dollar store candles to make them more festive. They are sitting on the pieces of trunk leftover from trimming the base of the tree. And we (mostly I this year) trimmed the tree with lots of red and colorful baubles.Cottage Fix blog - Christmas candlelightPaisley is wondering why on earth we put a tree in her living room! It’s all so confusing.Cottage Fix blog - Paisley in the living room sitting by the fireI always put white candles in the windows, they look so pretty from the street.Cottage Fix blog - candles in the windowsAnd there’s a touch of greenery and candle light in the dining room too.
Cottage Fix blog - candlelight and greenery in the dining roomxoxo Sally


8 thoughts on “Cottage Fix lighty up Christmas

  1. Vickie

    Your fresh greenery looks lovely and classic, Sally. I wish I could have real greenery, but our steam heat is so drying that nothing lasts more than a day or two. I have candles in our front windows, all on timers, but they never seem to go on and off at the same time. Yours look so pretty behind your lace curtains!

    Your little Paisley cracks me up!

  2. Kerrie

    It is beautiful Sally. For 25 yrs we decorating just how all of my children wanted. Last year was the first year that I was able to decorate how I like with all white bare trees and sprinklings from the seashore. My youngest son whom still lives at home doesn’t mind. He just likes to have twinkle lights on the house. He and my hubby have been wrapping all our palm trees with white lights. It is so oretty. Your Christmas tree is so beautiful. I miss having real trees. Going to the mountains to cut down our tree was a tradition. But we all suffer allergies and the real trees bother us. I tried buying a norfolk island pine this year and my lungs closed up. So I gave it to my daughter. Enjoy your cozy fire. .

  3. kelly

    Your home looks so beautiful all decked out for Christmas! Your fireplace looks so pretty with the fire burning inside. Everything is so cozy. Your dog, Paisley, is sweet sitting on the sofa. I’ve often wondered what dogs think of a tree being placed inside the home too! Ha!

  4. Robin

    Your tree is just gorgeous! Well the rest of the house is also of course. I love all the candles and firelight along with the pretty greenery! It all looks so festive and pretty.

  5. Victoria

    Your tree looks amazing! I always had lots of red and green when my boys were little, I agree that it should be what makes them happy when they’re young:) It’s such a magical time of year! Your living room looks so clean and orderly, I wish I had more restraint when it comes to nick knacks. Yesterday my husband told me he’s running out of room to walk to his recliner:)

  6. Julie

    Wow, Sally, the simple beauty of this is perfect! And the photo of your fireplace is so romantic. What a cozy, beautiful holiday setting you have created 🙂

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