cottage style wrapping station – no stress Christmas

Well hello there busy Christmas elves of the world wide webernet! I’m feeling quite happy with myself on this fourth day of December as we count down to the big day. I’m one happy chappy and I hope to spread this good cheer your way. I’m trying to stay organized and keep things simple this year, I tend to get way too carried away. Last year this time we were just starting up a full fledged bathroom remodel—it was crazy. That combined with my never ending Christmas decorating left me feeling stressed out and I ended up getting sick. This year I’m trying to behave!Cottage Fix blog - cottage style wrapping stationI made myself this nifty cottage style wrapping station. Although calling it a station may be more than it deserves, it’s more like a wrapping corner. As soon as I put it all together, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. There will be no clamoring around the cottage for wrapping supplies this year! They’re all right here, ready and waiting. It’s a cottage elf corner!Cottage Fix blog - cottage style Christmas wrappingI used my blue enamel bucket to hold cottage style red wrapping paper and tissue. And a picnic basket to keep tape, pens, scissors, and cards. Oh, and I also added the floor pillows—because sitting on the floor is the only way I’m able to wrap. Now all I need is a tall glass of cheer and I’ll be ready to go. Wink.Cottage Fix blog - cottage style wrapping stationI’m heading out with a dear friend for an afternoon of Christmas tree shopping, I’m so excited I can’t stand it!

xoxo Sally


7 thoughts on “cottage style wrapping station – no stress Christmas

  1. kelly

    Your wrapping paper is so pretty! I recently started wrapping presents here too. I had to clear off my dining room table to do it. I’m still waiting on more stuff to arrive that we ordered online. I’m hoping to get everything wrapped by next week. Have fun today picking out your tree! I kind of miss that fun experience. I used to love doing that when we bought a live tree.

  2. Victoria

    Wow, you really are organized! With my boys being grown now, they only ever want cash and the other gifts for family, we ship usually through Amazon so I don’t get to wrap too many things these days…only Kyran’s stuff really! My youngest son was due in December (22 years ago!!!) so I did all my Christmas shopping, wrapped everything and hid it all in the garage by the beginning of November…that was my most organized Christmas ever!

    I love your floor pillows, beautiful color! Oh, thank you for the tip about the pouf…I ordered the dark blue square one and you’re right, they are the same as the much more expensive ones:)

    1. sally Post author

      Oh good!! The blue one will be so pretty with your things. I have that one in the back of my mind too. xo

  3. Carol Cook

    I usually have a fun wrapping station set up, but we are doing absolutely no presents this year and thus no need to wrap. We voted to have the entire family take a vacation together. We are all in count down mode – 13 days before we leave.

  4. Dore @ Burlap Luxe

    I think the best wrapping stations are cozy comfortable spots that add to the holiday spirit. Your wrapping and twines and greenery is calling to be placed under the tree.
    Your wrapping station is a perfect place to be surrounded with all your holiday reds.


  5. Vickie

    What a great idea! You can just wrap whenever the mood strikes, and may I add that I love your choice of wrapping paper. Red & white- yummy!

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