DIY row of hooks, cottage fix style

To say that I have been obsessing over a row of hooks for the front entry would be… lets say on the gentle side. I believe I have gone completely hook mad! I have checked all of my usual shops and searched every other day on etsy and ebay. I did find a couple I really liked, but apparently I have very expensive taste. Which is a little surprising considering my top picks are chippy, weathered, and old. I also wanted something kinda on the large side to really fill up the entry wall. The price just keeps climbing.

row of hooks

So, all you cottage fix friends, it looks like we have a DIY project. Just so you know I am not very skilled at this sort of thing, and there was a little sweet talking to my honey required for some cottage fix help. You will need an old board (I am using the boards from an old mantle) and hooks. I found these hooks at Lowes, but if you can find some cool vintage ones that would look great too.

hooks with flowers DIY row of hooks in living room row of hooks with scarf

If you are like me and inexperienced with drilling and sawing you will also need a hand from your honey or neighbor, or whoever you can butter up. It will only take a minute or two, no biggie! (It ended up taking a few hours to finish two rows of hooks.) My honey happens to be a sucker for banana pudding. I don’t know if the man has the strength to say no when I’m dangling banana pudding over his head. When he reads this I guess you know what I’ll be doing! We made two rows of hooks from the wood of this mantle, one for the entry and one for my parents.

cottage style hooks

Thanks Honey!