Saturday tulips

Happy Weekend Cottage Fix crew! I’ve sort of been hibernating in my own little bubble lately, which isn’t really that unusual for me when it’s cold out. Trying out new recipes, getting my creative energy out, and the mundane tasks of daily chores are keeping me on my toes here in my shabby little cottage. There’s nothing I like more than a day filled with the household rituals of hot coffee, a spot of cleaning, folding a load of fresh warm laundry, painting something or other, and then getting supper started. And of course I always squeeze in a trip to the gym or walk on the trail to show those thunder thighs and muffin top who’s boss! There’s a chance it’s cheesecake! grin. I love that feeling of being all tuckered out at the end of a busy day and then cozying up on the sofa with a glass of wine.Cottage Fix blog - spring-y bouquet with pink and white tulips

Cottage Fix blog - pink and white blooms

Cottage Fix blog - wicker, whites, and flowersWhile I was at the market yesterday stocking up on stuff for the weekend I couldn’t help but treat myself to a bouquet of pink and white blooms. These flowers are making me think Spring already which probably isn’t that healthy considering we still have a ways to go. And let me add a “sale alert” plug for anyone living close to Harris Teeter. Their tulips are on special five bunches of five for 10 dollars! Yes! I know! To create this somewhat ginormous spring–y bouquet I added a couple other white blooms in with my pink and white tulips. Oh Spring where are you!?!— I mean, Winter I love you so…Cottage Fix blog - the sun porch with a spring-y bouquet

Cottage Fix blog - pink and white bloomsCottage Fix blog - spring bouquet and brick floors

Without a doubt, Honey and I have been slacking off this this Winter. There are lots of little things that need finishing up around here, and with the cold weather we’ve been on hiatus from the garden. But I’m sure no matter how caught up we get, we’ll always have a list. Yes, it will still be waiting for us tomorrow no doubt. So for today — I’m enjoying my Saturday flowers!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - Spring bouquet

PS Two amazing recipes my whole family loved:


4 thoughts on “Saturday tulips

  1. Vickie

    There is nothing I love better than a day to myself to putter around the house so I know exactly how you feel, Sally. Tulips are my absolute favorite spring flower and your little vase of spring is the perfect Saturday pick-me-up for a gray winter day. I’ve got a physical coming up next week to get the ok to join our gym at work. Then it’s time to get rid of the winter weight before spring rolls around!

    Love all your woven bags! Happy weekend!

  2. Victoria

    Sounds like a perfect way to spend time to me! I love just puttering around the house, I’m definitely a homebody, no doubt about that:) Wow, what an amazing deal you got on all those beautiful flowers! It’s nice having flowers around while you’re still in the midst of winter, I’m sure! I got a hanging Orchid yesterday, hoping it doesn’t die on me. Kyran got a little Lime tree, we haven’t planted it yet but we’re excited to see if it actually grows any limes! After our banana haul, we’re excited at the thought of adding more fruit tree’s:)

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend Sally!!!

  3. Julie

    Your cottage always looks so clean, fresh, and cozy, Sally. You definitely have this “making a happy home thing” down to an art I’m also working at trying to cheer the place up for winter, as spring is a distant fantasy around these parts, haha. Have a good week!

  4. Dore @Burlap Luxe

    Your Tulips add that much more romance to your cottage home of beauty.
    It soon will be spring and I am certain you will inspire us with your beautiful gardens.

    See you soon


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