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Salutations! We’ve been drowning in rain and overcast weather this past week here on the coast of Virginia. One more day of gloom and I fear I might become “one” with the sofa. Oh yes, cast me a line please! I’m in here, somewhere in the sofa with my jammies and tea. Ahem… After a week like this, when the sun does finally reappear, I’m so ready to get things going again. Today I’m talking all cozy winter knits if you fancy a chat about yummy textures and nubby pillows. I know I’m not the only one who has a thing for the pillow fluffle and shuffle. It’s really one of the easiest accessories to swap out for a fresh look throughout the seasons. And rain or shine, when it’s chilly cold out, sweaters and knits can make it all better—and candles, and tea.Cottage Fix blog - cozy winter knits and candlesCottage Fix blog - candlelight and pillowsI went for this cream colored oblong pillow in our bedroom to add nubby texture and warmth. It’s funny what a difference one little ol’ pillow can make. I just want to jump on in with a pile of spring decorating magazines.
Cottage Fix blog - nubby knit pillow in our bedroomIn the living room, I added these gray knit sweater pillows to our sofa this past fall. I scored them on a super duper clearance sale at a local discount store. They worked so well in early fall and stayed put right through Christmas, and now into the winter months too. And the chunky knit throw draped over the back, I keep it out year round. It’s snuggy buggy goodness looks good anywhere.Cottage Fix blog - cozy winter knit pillowsCottage Fix blog - cream knit oblong pillowWell, the sun is rising bright today and I’m going to bundle up and head to the trail with Miss Paisley. It will be nice for her to take a walk without soggy muck covered paws for a change. Sunshine, here I come!Cottage Fix blog - cozy winter knitsxoxo Sally


3 thoughts on “cozy winter knits

  1. Victoria

    Oh Sally, your cottage always looks so warm and inviting! I don’t blame you for sinking into the sofa, with all the smushy pillows…I’d be doing the same thing. Your bed looks gorgeous too and so glad you scored more pillows! Don’t you love finding stuff for a great price!

    I put not one, not two but three blog posts up the other day:) They’re not the best quality pics because my camera died but I was missing my blog and feeling guilty that it was so neglected. So I took a wee Insta break this week and focused on my blog:)

    Have a wonderful weekend in your cozy nest my friend!!!

  2. Vickie

    If it’s gray and gloomy, your home looks like the perfect place to settle in with a good read and a candle burning nearby, Sally. Love all the knit pillows and throws you’ve found!

    Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

  3. Julie

    That pillow in your bedroom is great! I wish I could leave all of the pretty pillows and throws on our sofa to add pattern, texture, and color…but the greyhound seems to think they were put there for his comfort. And at 80 pounds, he doesn’t do them any favors 🙁 Enjoy your walk in the sunshine!

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