Friday flowers in the garden

Well, we made it – Happy Friday friends! Cottage Fix blog - fall blooming perennials I feel a bit on the lucky side to still have a little something blooming in the back garden. I’d like to add more late summer/early fall bloomers out here, but I’m not so sure what they would be. Cottage Fix blog - fall blooming perennials The perennial garden is always changing; budding, blooming, then dieing back until its time comes again. It’s so exciting to see something new popping up season to season.

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - fall blooming perennials


4 thoughts on “Friday flowers in the garden

  1. Dore

    Beautiful, I love the wild growth they fall in the catagory of wild flowers a favorite of mine, they die off you till it under and the following year twice as much regrowth.

    A beautiful weekend to you, enjoy your blooms, the last of our roses are finally struggling.

    See you soon.


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