happy summer

Last week was crazy, the end of the school year always is. It’s crazy busy, but fun too. My kiddos finished up their last day on Monday.

Cottage Fix blog - bike and flowers in the cottage garden

My son is a rising Junior in high school and my daughter graduated from the eighth grade, there was a ceremony and all. It was quite a big ta-doo, I don’t remember them making such a big fuss out of graduating from middle school back in the day.

Well anyways it was nice. The crowd was excited and rowdy, especially the graduates, if you can imagine. They were asked to hold their applause until all of the names for each classroom were called as things were getting a little on the rambunctious side. The children had a really hard time with this, which I didn’t mind. The ceremony was long and it made it more interesting to have a few “whoop, whoops” thrown in from time to time.

What touched my heart more than anything was when the special education kids marched across the stage and the building shook with hooping, hollering, and applause. It was amazing!  With all the bullying you hear about  these days, I was so proud to see this behavior in the kids that my daughter has shared a classroom with for the past three years. Pure joy! They really were awesome.

Cottage Fix blog - beach basket with flowers and a bikeWe were supposed to kick off our summer with a short trip to the beach to dig our feet into the warm sand and play in the ocean waves! But instead I am flopping back and forth between bed and the sofa. A summer cold is the worst. There’s something just so unnatural about it, don’t ya think! My son has been so sweet, checking on me throughout the day and bringing me ice water and tea. So I’m feeling like a loser for canceling our plans and we’re all just petering around here. Bummer.

I noticed this super sweet smell in the air when I was watering the garden last night (he’s also been helping with this), and not a single tomato by the way. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I was honestly searching around the yard sticking my nose to plants, in case something smelled good that I hadn’t noticed until now. Them I remembered, the gardenia hiding between the side of the house and the camellia bush. That’s it! So I picked a few to photograph along with a couple of hydrangea and then to bring inside. They’ll make the house smell sweet while we’re all hanging around.

Cottage Fix blog - bike and flowers in the cottage gardenWell I’m off, heading all the way back to the sofa with my Kleenex and a pillow. See you next week!

xoxo Sally

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4 thoughts on “happy summer

  1. Kelly

    Sorry to hear that you have a cold. maybe you can reschedule your beach trip after you’re well! I remember there not being much of a celebration when i graduated 8th grade (way back in 1978). But when my first child graduated 8th grade (back in 2008) they let them leave school early and marched through the halls etc. I think schools do a lot more celebrations now!

  2. Doré Burlap Luxe

    I have had two late January cold and one just a few weeks ago, it’s a virus that just attacks when it wishes… Feel better soon, go out in that peaceful setting you have posted and let the Suns energy kiss your face with plenty of vitamin D
    It was the best advice from my doctor he gave me.

    As for your kids and there moving on into a bigger world of learning, and taking in all of life’s experiances we Moms never stop being touched by their moments, as for the special Ed it was a tear jerker I am most certain. My daughter works with a couple of kids who are in a special Ed class and she will help them make it to their college classes, she a great mentor to them along with her group of student co-workers.

    Love your peaceful beauty here, and I repeat an ain and again, your cottage life kind of feels like a safe haven to me, and I bet for you as well :))

    Drink lots of water and get a bit of sun.
    A beautiful summer weekend to you and all it inspires.


  3. Mary Alice Patterson

    Love the photo of your vintage bike…charming!! What a bummer to be sick this time of year. You are blessed with wonderful children. As my mom used to say, “Enjoy these years because they go by so quickly.” And do they ever…but I have to say we’re enjoying the fruit of our labor as I know you and your hubby will whenever your children leave the nest.
    Mary Alice

  4. Julie

    What a sweet story about your daughter’s class, Sally 🙂 There is still good in the world when we make a point to “be the good”, and what wonderful values you are teaching your children. Your photos are gorgeous. I hope you’ll be feeling better soon!

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