vintage mantel

Salutations! So what kinds of goodies do you like to look for when you’re out treasure hunting? Is it that perfect weathered patina, or something that you can revive with paint? Do you like to head out with a list and a plan, or casually look? I’m a browser, it drives my honey bonkers! Grin.

Sometimes trying to figure out what to do with old pieces is like cracking a code of sorts. To paint or not to paint? Distress or not. And then there’s that happy treasure hunting moment when you find something that’s perfectly worn and weathered and only requires a bit of work to bring back to life. As was the case with this vintage mantle.Cottage Fix blog - vintage mantleShe was already doused in a lovely shade of ivory, and a bit of chipping was already underway too. I simply lightly sanded the entire piece and what came off, came off. I sealed the whole thing with two coats of clear wax. Cottage Fix blog - close up of vintage mantleCottage Fix blog - distressed vintage mantleThis beauty will be listed for sale in my local area, unless i decide to keep it. I hadn’t planned on having anywhere for it or liking it so much. Hmm…Cottage Fix blog - vintage mantle on our sun porchxoxo Sally


2 thoughts on “vintage mantel

  1. Julie

    I REALLY don’t think you should be selling that, Sally. It looks way too perfect in that spot!! And it’s a great little display space for simple seasonal decor or flowers, candles, books…..need I say more? Haha.

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