Cottage Fix Christmas wreath and a pouf

Salutations! The baubles and chintz are down from the attic patiently waiting for our tree to arrive, the outdoor twinkle lights are up, and the pumpkins are still hanging around from Halloween. It would appear Cottage Fix is suffering a holiday identity crisis. Time seems to fly by this time of year and there never seems to be enough of it. My thought this holiday season is to slow things down and enjoy this magical time of year with my family, friends, and blogger buddies. Christmas is really a fun time of year to write and photograph for blog posts, there’s never a shortage of eye candy and inspiration out there in blogland!  Cottage Fix blog - Christmas wreath with homemade bowIn Christmas’s past I made wreaths out of fresh greenery from the garden. One of my favorite holiday decorating items is fresh greenery for sure. The greenery makes the whole house come to life with the smell of Christmas. This year I decided to give myself a break and purchase a wreath from our local garden center (a.k.a. Lowes). I jazzed it up with a big floppy bow I made using torn fabric. This is heading outside to dress up our front door.

Cottage Fix blog - Christmas wreath with homemade bowI also want to let you all in on a little secret. I recently purchased this little pouf from Target online. It looks an awful lot like one I was eyeing from my favorite shabby chic shop. I can’t even tell the difference. My honey loves it! He sits on it to play with Paisley and has even asked if we can get another to have around when we need extra seating.
Cottage Fix blog - Christmas wreath and a poufMore Christmas coming—soon(ish)…

xoxo Sally
Cottage Fix blog - gray pouf


11 thoughts on “Cottage Fix Christmas wreath and a pouf

  1. Kelly

    Oh no you didn’t!!! You got something else I love. That pouf is wonderful!!! I love your natural wreath too. It will be beautiful on your front door. I’m looking forward to seeing your house decorated for Christmas.

  2. Vickie

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s got their outdoor Christmas lights up, but still has hay rakes leaning by the back door. Oops! I’ve purchased wreaths from Lowe’s before, and they’re a nice mix of greens. So much easier on the hands to purchase one! I love your poof for extra seating! I have two of the sea grass poofs from Ikea on my very long wish list. You better get a second one before they’re gone!

  3. Victoria

    Oh my word, that pouf…yes it does look a lot like a certain one but what a great price!!! I’ll have to peruse the Target website later on today:) I love your wreath! Sadly, I have no real pine scent around our nest so I have rely on my Scentsy:) Oh well!

  4. Dore @ Burlap Luxe

    Oh Sally, I love the start of Christmas here, you have added a simple tattered bow to a ready made wreath that now has your touch, and it will look fabulous greeting guest at the front door.

    Love the poof, and is it not the prettiest shade of Bleu-grey you have even seen? It looks great in your home, and maybe your honey is right to order up another one! Extra seating but most of all to have incase this one takes on too much use you have a spare without never regretting you wished you had gotten the second one.

    I have to go look. Maybe I just might make my first poof purchase. 🙂

    Looking forward to more Christmas here.


  5. kerrie

    I love your grey pouf! It really looks perfect with your greywashed door. And the wreath is perfect. I like just tiny touches of Christmas. I waited until December to bring out our white faux trees. I leave them bare. The scattering of driftwood and seashells and antlers around the cottage goes perfectly with the bare white trees for the calm coastal feel that our family finds home in.

    I did buy a fresh Norfolk Island Tree but on the way home from the nursery my lungs closed up and I could barely breathe…I am so sensitive to plants…so it went home with my daughter, who now lives further north along the coast. It will grow better in her sweet apartment.

    Enjoy your own pace of Christmas decorating. xo Kerrie

    1. sally Post author

      Oh no Kerrie- That stinks you are so allergic! I visited your lovely whitewashed Christmas and it is truly beautiful. XO

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