a farmhouse bench and market blooms

Hola Cottage Fix friends. I brought home these beautiful blooms from the market today to brighten up this shabby little cottage. I’ve been tidying up from the contractors, actually more like hardcore deep cleaning from two weeks of workboots and drywall dust schlepping up and down our stairwell. It’s exhausting. Quickshine works wonders on beaten up shabby old hardwoods. So to reward myself, pink and purple blooms always do the trick. A lady needs flowers in her life don’t you think?

Cottage Fix - farm house bench and market bloomsWe had to move all of our furniture out of the way while the tiles were going in upstairs, so it got me to thinking about rearranging. It doesn’t take much for a bit of a shuffle to go down around here. Besides, it can always get moved back if it looks not as good as it did before.

Cottage Fix - cottage living room with farm house bench coffee tableThis is my heirloom farmhouse bench from my great grandparents farm. They had apple orchards and cows. My son has a couple of the apple crates in his room he uses as bookcases. I tried to steel them back several times, but he’s not coming off them. Good boy!

Cottage Fix - pink and purple blooms and weathered woodCould it use a coat of chalk paint? That’s whats been dancing around in my noggin, maybe a soft gray color. I can’t decide! It already has some nice natural distressing, you know that authentic kind that’s hard to recreate. My mom just painted a hutch in her dining room with homemade gray chalk paint and it is gorgeous. I really want to paint a little something that beautiful gray color. Hmm… maybe the china cabinet in my dining room. It could work.

Cottage Fix - farm house bench and market flowersWe have major progress happening in our upstairs bathroom. I have a few pictures to share with you tomorrow. The tiles are in – (high five) yes! Mr. Manly worked on the trim molding, ceiling paint, some wiring, and the overhead light fixture. We have a shell basically, ready to be filled. We ran into a snag or two, but nothing that we couldn’t work with. So things are chug chugging along.

Cottage Fix - pink and purple blooms

xoxo Sally

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12 thoughts on “a farmhouse bench and market blooms

  1. kelly

    Those flowers are just beautiful! What a great way to add subtle color to your room. I like the old bench being used as a coffee table too. that’s a great use for it. I think it would look good painted. But, I also like it in it’s current state too. glad to hear that you’re making progress on your bathroom remodel. We are almost done with ours. We’re left waiting on the shower enclosure and the tub faucet to be updated.

  2. Karen

    New fan of your blog here…..I love, love, love that bench — and that it’s from a family farm makes it even better. Frankly, I wouldn’t touch it EVER. You’re right, that kind of natural patina is hard won. Plus, it looks awesome against the back drop of your rug. Everything you place on a natural wood background pops, too….those flowers especially.

    Leave it is my vote 🙂

    1. sally Post author

      HI Karen, thanks so much for the sweet comment! That’s so funny that you said that about the bench. My husband was reading over my post and he was like “you’re not going to paint the bench are you?” It’s looking like a “no go” for now. Thanks for visiting!
      xo Sally

  3. Julie

    I love the bench as a coffee table, Sally. And even though I usually favor painted over stained wood, I agree with your husband on this one…sometimes it’s good to honor the original finish. And I like the contrast with the light slipcovers.

  4. Kathy

    The flowers are beautiful. A nice pop of color on these drab winter days.
    Love your bench. It is gorgeous as is!
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Linda

    I love the bench and how it suits the room as is. There is something about well loved wood pieces that seem to make a shabby chic room just right to settle down in and enjoy. We have several similar benches and rustic time worn pantina. They won’t be painted by me. I do like the natural in front of the white couch. Visiting from Stonegable The Scoop. Linda

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much for the sweet comment Linda! I don’t think I’ll be painting mine anytime soon either…don’t want to worry the hubby.
      xo Sally

  6. At Rivercrest Cottage

    Read about painting the bench and thought of your piece of furniture used as your coffee table. I showed it to my husband to see if you would strip the top of an old coffee table I painted and stain it the color of your piece, so my (probably crappy) 2 cents of advice is if you paint the bench (I would, I would) don’t paint the top of it, just the bottom. But, you were probably already thinking that, right? Also, since this is already too long, let me ask if you will show your mother’s gray cabinet? I am pondering painting an armoire and need just that kind of inspiration!

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