tiles and bling in the upstairs bathroom

So I’m probably supposed to be saving all the progress for a big reveal at the end of our bathroom remodel, but I’m not good at keeping surprises. And we now have tiles gleaming in our upstairs bathroom, white subway on the walls and marble hex on the floor. I can’t stop marching up the stairs to make sure it’s all real. Mr. Manly busted his behind this past weekend working on the trim, electrical, and hanging this crystal chandelier and those other two doohickeys on the ceiling.

Cottage Fix - bathroom remodel in progress

The chandelier is like jewelry in this space and a little bling goes a long way. The niche in the shower was a hard decision for me to make. There really isn’t a stylish way to hold soap and shampoo that I’ve seen, but I thought the niche was pretty good. We put a piece of marble on the bottom to make it more stylish and to tie into the marble floors tiles.

Cottage Fix - upstairs bathroom remodel in progress

Mr. Macho installed the medicine cabinet that I ordered from Pottery Barn—I thought it had a nice vintage appeal. We ran into an issue here with the cabinet not opening all the way because of the tiles. He added some stripping behind the cabinet and it’s not noticeable at all. Crisis avoided!

Cottage Fix - Pottery Barn medicine cabinet

I borrowed this wall color from my mom. It’s a soft gray with lavender undertones and a major contender. Next up, we’ll be having the tub refinished, and Mr. Manly and I will be painting the walls. I also need to teach the two teenagers in this house how to clean pretty little hex tiles and shiny new medicine cabinets. This will be all theirs after all!

Cottage Fix - upstairs bathroom remodel in progressKeep you posted since I can’t seem to keep a secret. Grin!

xoxo Sally


5 thoughts on “tiles and bling in the upstairs bathroom

  1. JoAnne

    It looks so pretty so far ~ beautiful chandelier! If you can get your teens to clean the bathroom, please let me know your secret! : )

  2. Robin

    Lucky, lucky Girl! Your bathroom is coming right along and I’m loving the tiles you picked out. They look amazing and give the room a wonderful vintage flare!

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