French inspired vintage mirror

Happy Friday guys! I’m blogging in today with a sweet little French inspired vintage mirror. I’m not entirely sure of it’s history, but to me it looks a little French/Paris apartment like. Of course a super chic mirror must feel right at home in this shabby filled cottage with a lady who spends her mornings blogging in pajamas. That’s chic, right? It’s certainly a mixed bag around here. While cottage and everything cottage will always be my first and number one love, a couple of other design styles have caught my eye lately.

Cottage Fix - French inspired mirror and blooms

I know farmhouse is huge right now—and all things rustic—which I totally dig! I have always loved cottage style and shabby chic with the weathered woods and soft color palette, but there are two other styles that have been whispering sweet nothings to me at night. I’ve been ignoring them… this is a cottage style blog after all and I have a cottage style cottage!

Cottage Fix - French inspired mirror

But dear decorators and DIYers of the world wide web, I’m finding myself drawn more and more to Frenchie type things and I’m finding this little cottage doesn’t seem to mind me mixing in a little French inspiration here and there. It’s such a sophisticated timeless look. And then there’s Bohemian, or I think they call it Boho. I love this look! The vibrant colors and beautiful textures are calling my name. So I might try to sneak in just a breath of both of these looks. Unless it starts to look like a crazy person lives here, oh yes, the multiple personalities of Cottage Fix. It’s just me, Sally, and I can’t seem to decide. I’ve always had a hard time making my mind up and sticking to it. It’s no wonder I can’t settle on just one look.

Cottage Fix - blue distressed table, French inspired mirror, and flowers from the market

As for the little Frenchie mirror, it’s adding some ever so needed shine and sparkly reflection to the corner of our cottage dining room. This wall has been completely empty for a while, since I painted the kitchen and moved in the mirror that was here. It was nice to get out and go shopping for something other than bathroom remodel supplies. I was actually planning on trying to find something with a bit of color, but this is what I came home with.

Cottage Fix - French inspired mirror hanging in the dining room

Miss Piggy is really into it. If only that sweet little dog on the other side of the mirror would come on out and play.

Cottage Fix - Paisley looking into the mirror

I’d love to hear if there are any design styles that have been pulling at your heart strings these days. If you would’ve asked me a couple of weeks ago, I probably would’ve said Scandinavian, I saw some lovely Scandinavian style Christmas photos on Pinterest over the holidays. I don’t think I even knew what Boho style was two weeks ago. It’s funny how our tastes change.

Cottage Fix - blue distressed table and French inspired mirror

Here’s the mirror in the evening reflecting our dining room and sun porch as we’re getting ready to have supper. Hold your horses family, I need to take a quick picture for my blog post. Grin!

Cottage Fix - dining room reflection

xoxo Sally

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16 thoughts on “French inspired vintage mirror

  1. Miss Bee

    It is a lovely addition Sally. I think many of us have mixed style. It is so hard to fit our desires into one little box when many things are so appealing. I love the look but one thing… is it just me or does the mirror look like it is hung a little high? Either that or maybe the chair needs to be a little more substantial. Or it could be that everything around the mirror is so light, it just seems like the expanse is to far from chair to mirror. I love french inspired anything and always enjoy your posts and views of you love cottage. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Margie

    I picked up a mirror just like yours two days ago! My favorite little vintage store is sadly closing their doors this week, and I had to make just one last purchase. I’m thinking of putting it at the top of my stairs above a small cupboard.

    And I can totally relate…I have alter ego’s when it comes to interior design taste. There is so much beautiful imagery out there it’s hard not to fall hard for all different styles, and harder to keep my home from looking like it has multiple personality disorder 🙂

  3. Carol Cook

    Well, I love the mirror and the reflections it catches from different views. I have one tucked into our ivy covered garden wall and I love that changing where I stand totally changes my view. Our dog just discovered the dog in the mirror and gets quite angry that the dog won’t run away when she barks at it.

    What held my eye in most of the photos is that gorgeous table. What color is it painted?

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks Carol! I painted the table Robin’s egg with a coat of silvery blue over it. When I sanded it the Robin’s egg came through, along with some of the other colors it once was.
      Xo Sally

  4. char

    I agree with Miss Bee for the most part. The solution is you need to go shopping and find 2 more each a little different old mirrors and then the vignette will balance. Love mirrors, they open a space.
    Happy hunting…Enjoy. Have a nice week.

  5. Kathy

    I, too, love that BoHo look. But my husband would not have that! Lol Your new mirror is a great find! Thank you for sharing! BTW, I blog in my pajamas too! 😉

  6. Vickie

    Gorgeous mirror, Sally! I just bought a similar mirror because it was only $20. Is that a good enough reason to buy it? I think so.

    I love the photo of Miss Piggy looking at her reflection. :o)

  7. Nancy

    Lovely little mirror! I am also drawn to the French look…and French Country…there is a calmness that prevails with the look…it’s pulled together without being formal and yet it is classic…timeless…your mirror is that….

  8. Lorraine

    Sally about the table paint again what maker ? what finish?
    as I love the egg shell finish appreciate you sharing I just cant seem to find the right robins egg blue
    thank you Lorraine

    1. sally Post author

      No problem Lorraine! The top coat is Silvermist by Sherwin Williams mixed in flat. I painted a coat of bright egg shell blue first, and that is the color that came through the most when I distressed it. I’m not sure of the name of that one though, it was some old paint I had in the garage. Here’s a step by step
      xo Sally

  9. Lorraine

    thank you Sally and by the way the pumpkin bread is in the oven Im making 3 smaller loafs for friends who helped me out and I print out your recipe and give them your website …… smells so good as last time I made it was around the holidays and since there is soooooo much snow
    its a perfect time to make it again.
    thank you ! Lorraine

  10. Lin

    I’m doing the same… mixing a little more French in along with farmhouse finds in our cottage. The mirror is gorgeous!!!

  11. At Rivercrest Cottage

    I’m reading all your old posts so forgive how late I am to this post. When I look at your pictures it really seems your cottage calls for a certain French feel. I really love your style and share your penchant for being a split personality when it comes to decorating. One day I think…paint it white. The next day, I’m wanting to add a little color. What’s a person to do, but just try something and back off if it doesn’t work right? Sorry to be so bold as to give you more than just my 2 cents worth, but if I were the Cottage’s owner, would go sparing on the Boho.

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