fresh pine and more cottage Christmas

Salutations from the little Christmas cottage on the East Coast that’s soaking in the Christmas magic and maybe running around a little like a chicken with it’s head cut off! Ya know they really do that. My mom has a story or two about my great grandmother and her farm and chickens and you see where this is going.

Cottage Fix - cottage sun porch with Christmas tree and polka do throwThe cottage is all decked out. I like to keep things fairly simple and the kiddos like to put out every drop of glitz and every bauble from the attic so we happily meet somewhere in the middle. And all is good.

Cottage Fix - vintage bauble in a teacupI knew my fresh greenery couldn’t last the entire holiday season and I’d either end up living without or changing it out for new. Well sometimes things just fall into place and isn’t it nice when that happens even if it’s with something as simple as greenery for Christmastime.

Cottage Fix - sun porch at ChristmastimeJust as my greenery from the back garden started to get a little crispy my dad happened upon as much fresh pine as I could use, and then some. Enough for my mom and me and the whole East Coast I’d say. The power company was cutting it down and he asked to save it for us. He always has a way of surprising me with fresh greenery, last year it was fresh pine roping. Love it!

Cottage Fix - fresh pine on the mantleSo today I chucked the dried out stuff and filled it in with this light and airy pine. I actually like it even more than what I started the season out with, it’s wispy and light.

Cottage Fix - fresh pine and candlelightThe fresh pine filled in the mantle nicely and I had enough to add to a couple of more spots around the cottage. I actually have a pile of extras stashed in the side garden just waiting in case of an emergency. So not to fret Cottage Fix friends, this Christmas cottage is equipped for any kind of fresh greenery emergency that comes this way!

Cottage Fix - living room with fresh pine on the mantleThis is just a little something small for the office. I filled my blue BROMO bottle with pine and hung it from the office window.

Cottage Fix - yellow and blue officeIt’s nice having a little something in here.

Cottage Fix - fresh pine in the blue BROMO bottleAnd on the sun porch I added quite a lot to the craft cabinet.

Cottage Fix - fresh pine in on the cabinet The shiny red bauble in the teacup adds a nice pop of red.

Cottage Fix - red bauble in a teacupSo I mentioned running around like a crazy person in the beginning of this post. We are trying to get the bathroom going. Mr. Macho has it completely gutted and I’m holding us up trying to pick out faucets—there are so many choices out there. I’ve got a Pinterest page to help keep me on track when I’ve looked at so many things I can’t remember what I like! We’ll just keep chip, chippin’ along. Whose idea was it to start this over the holidays? Oh yeah…

Cottage Fix - fresh pine and red baublexoxo Sally


7 thoughts on “fresh pine and more cottage Christmas

  1. Vickie

    Your simple holiday decorations looks so pretty, Sally. I love the greenery you’ve tucked into your mantel! I managed to get a nice supply of fresh greens, but unfortunately I’m allergic to pine, so I’m only able to fill my window boxes and planters outside. I’ve got one of those pine scented icicles hanging in my artificial tree to bring a somewhat fresh pine sent indoors. lol! Good luck with your remodel!

  2. Lin

    It all looks so beautiful, Sally! Here I live in the middle of a forest, but don’t bring in a lot of greens. Not a big fan of having pine needles stuck to my socks I guess, but I think that this is truly what is missing from my Christmas decor. More greens. So perhaps I’ll run out later today and cut a few more. 🙂
    Enjoy, and if we don’t ‘talk’ again before the 25th, have a Merry Merry Christmas.
    Much love,

  3. Mary Alice Patterson

    I absolutely adore your charming cottage, Sally!! Your elegant cottagey style speaks to me…I’m thrilled to see more of your home in this post. I’ll be revisiting to soak it all in. Loving all our fresh greenery!!
    Mary Alice

  4. kelly

    Your fresh greenery looks so good. Glad that your Dad kept you stocked up. I love your white painted brick everywhere. If I had brick, I’d paint it white too. Love that look.

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