East Coast snow days

Living on the East Coast of Virginia we’re lucky to get maybe one good snow a year. And this year, we were hit with a “bomb cyclone” that traveled up the coast dumping buckets of white on us and also affecting many of our neighboring states. The ice and snow cocooned our town in an arctic blanket with the roads remaining under a sheath of ice for several days after the storm. But the drip, drip, drip has started and hopefully will continue until the cocoon has completely thawed.

Cottage Fix blog - cottage in the snow

The frigid cold always makes me think back on the little duplex Honey and I lived in shortly after we were first married. Although, it didn’t seem little at all back then. It was heated with oil and we’d often forget to get the tank filled causing us to endure a chilly day or so. And the hot water was only enough to fill the tub up an inch at best, so Honey would shuttle boiling kettles of water from the kitchen for me to take a semi–proper soak.

Cottage Fix blog - snow covered garageCottage Fix blog - East Coast snow storm

So the story goes… our little duplex was once a large chicken coop and during the housing shortage of WW2 it had been renovated into a spacious 900 square feet of housing. And although it was old and dated, I found it to be filled with charm and character with hardwood floors, built in storage, and a vintage gas stove. Oh yes, we thought we were living as a king and queen, and it was to this quaint little space that we brought home our first little prince. If it hadn’t been for Honey’s relocation or the fact that the residence was torn down, I could have happily settled there for years. Honey—not so much! Grin.

Cottage Fix blog - door decoration covered in snowxoxo Sally