welcoming 2018 with simplicity and color

Cottage Fix blog - cottage living room with blue and whiteHappy New Year Cottage Fix crew! After the holiday glitz and dazzle get packed away and carted up the attic stairs our cottage always looks so bare to me. The sparkle of twinkly lights and shine of vintage baubles are missed indeed. But even so, after the holidays I always find myself craving a clean fresh look. And although I haven’t made any new purchases or tackled any DIY projects lately, I have a simple clean look in mind that I’m hoping will be easy to achieve. And I also want to add just a little bit of color here and there throughout our downstairs. The color palette is something I’ve been thinking a lot about. Yes, I’m welcoming 2018 with simplicity and color, and they’ll be flowers of course. Always flowers!

Cottage Fix blog - cottage bedroom with pink and gray color palette Cottage Fix blog - blue and white color palette

Let’s talk color! Well, it’s easy to see I still have blue on the brain. Blue—can’t seem to shake it.  And natural fiber rugs are always a staple since there durable, affordable, and easy to clean and they lend that easy going style I’m always chasing after. The colors I’m hoping to incorporate are pinks and raspberries and charcoal grays. Not too much pink though, the family will certainly protest to that. But a sprinkle of pink and charcoal I think will be nice with what’s already going on in here. Pink and gray is also the palette I already love in our bedroom!

The only raspberry in our entire place can be found in these toile drapes hanging in the family room. They were the first nice home-good I purchased almost 15 years ago. If I remember, we ate beans and rice at least a week for these. Grin.Cottage Fix blog - blue RA pillowCottage Fix blog - blue painted chest

And here’s the chest I painted last year that will still work well.

Cottage Fix blog - blue and white floral pillow

I took some of our furniture pieces to the consignment shop to make room for our Christmas tree and give the cottage a more open feel. This little chair I moved into our living room to replace the white one that was here.

Cottage Fix blog - blue and white color palette

Hope to see you soon with pink and gray.


xoxo Sally