shabby silvery blue dining table

Salutations! I’m blogging in to all of you fine folks with a dining table makeover, a teensy tinsy bit of Christmas, and a new project that is already in the works. So things are weird here, I’m not quite sure how it happened! I finished all of my painting in the living room and distressing the table in the dining room and I’ve been soaking it all in. I feel so relieved and just a little on top of the world you know. It’s that euphoric high you get when the last wall is painted or the last nail is hammered in or the last push up is complete—I’m just guessing on that push up one. Mr. Handy and I thought it would be a great idea to gut our upstairs bathroom over the long Thanksgiving weekend, putting our weekend warrior abilities to the test for sure. I really shouldn’t include myself in this endeavor; Mr. Handy is up there by his lonesome in a cloud of dust with a wrecking bar in hand. This DIY was his idea guys and I think he might even be enjoying himself!

Cottage Fix - dining table painted silvery blue

Well, I had this vision of Mr. Macho up there gutting our bathroom and me frolicing around the cottage decking the halls with bits and bobs for Christmas. I could just see myself lighting the night with white twinkly lights and dousing the mantles with holiday sparkle and stockings. Have any of you ever gutted a 1930s bathroom that boasts walls covered in tiles that are backed with concrete? That’s how they did it back then. To my surprise the dust doesn’t stay only in the bathroom! I guess I shouldn’t have been caught off guard like I was, this certainly isn’t my first rodeo. We’re dusty here to say the least.

Cottage Fix - shabby silvery blue dining table

And the dining table makeover also came with it’s own bit of dust. But now it’s a wonderfully shabby, silvery blue beauty all distressed and looking lovely and proudly brightening up our cottage. This my friends was a trial and error job times three. I painted her gray and I new I was on the right track for the look I was hoping for. Next I threw on a coat of bright robins egg blue, but I felt it was just a bit too bright. So then I actually went and had a color mixed, silvery blue in flat latex. This is the winner. I sanded it all over to give it a heavily distressed casual look. The first two pictures below are of the robins egg taken at night and the third is the silvery blue before I sanded it.

Cottage Fix - dining table robins egg blue Cottage Fix - at night with robins egg blue table Cottage Fix- dining table silvery blue before it was distressed

The Christmas decorations are slow going this season. So far I’ve put up a cute little potted dwarf Alberta spruce that can be planted in the garden when I’m done with it indoors. I also found some sweet spools of ribbon while I was out and about on black Friday at the bright and early hour of two in the afternoon. I’m happy with my sale ribbon and not at all missing what I might have scored if I had headed out in the wee crazy early hours of the morn.

Cottage Fix - potted dwarf Alberta spruce

I put the little tree in a vintage galvanized ash bucket to make watering easy and more importantly because I thought it looked sweet.

Cottage Fix - Christmas tree in galvanized ash bucket

I’m planning on adorning the spruce with tiny ornaments from the attic, but I can’t get to them today because the pull down attic stairs are right beside the upstairs bath and I’m afraid I could be mistaken for a volunteer helper! I’m not sure where I’ll be using the ribbon yet; it might just be for wrapping gifts. Again I’m hoping I’ll be inspired when I finally get up in that attic.

Cottage Fix- Christmas ribbons

I’ve been so excited about decorating for Christmas this year that I guess I must have jinxed myself. I was planning on keeping it simple, but not quite this simple. Stay tuned…

Cottage Fix- potted Christmas tree in our living room

xoxo Sally

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6 thoughts on “shabby silvery blue dining table

  1. Julie

    Oh, Sally, you are funny! I hope Mr. handy is enjoying the progress he is making with the bathroom redo 🙂 I really love the color of your table…such a pretty pale blue! The tree in the bucket is such a cute touch. I am anxious to see what else you have up your holiday decorating sleeve!

  2. Vickie

    Thanks for the very entertaining post. I’m glad you haven’t lost your sense of humor yet! We lived with dust for years while we skim coated our old plaster walls until I finally said that’s it! I’ll live with the “character”. I can’t take it anymore!

    Your table looks so pretty wearing its new silvery blue color. At least you can sit and gaze at your pretty table whilst your hubby is upstairs making dust. hehe

    I’ve got 4 days off, so like you, I decided to bite off a big project, and now I’m wondering what in the world was I thinking!! I’ve started painting our kitchen, so all the kitchen stuff is on our foyer floor, the autumn stuff is covering the living room floor, and I’ve got my Christmas bins all over the basement floor!! Good luck with your bathroom reno, and I hope the dust settles, soon!

  3. Mary Alice Patterson

    I love your little tree in that great bucket! When I laid the bombshell (as my daughter put it) at Thanksgiving that I was thinking of not getting a tree this year, she threatened not to come home for Christmas…empty threat I’m sure! 🙂 But if I could find one as cute as yours…about that size…I might be persuaded.
    What an ambitious project for Mr. Handy. But hey, when the mister wants to tackle a project, let him go for it.
    Love, love, love the color of your dining room table!!
    Mary Alice

  4. Vanessa Bower

    Sally, the color of your dining room table is beautiful and I must say the distressing is perfect. When I try to distress furniture, it looks like the palm sander got loose and attacked the piece. Perhaps I should a block sander instead ???
    I had to chuckle when I read your post. Two years ago my hubby had the grand idea to remodel our half bath off the kitchen. Talk about opening Pandora’s Box !!!!!! Six months later I was still wiping cement dust from the kitchen cabinets and bits of concrete from dishes. Today I’m soooo happy with that little bathroom I’ve almost forgotten all the yuck involved in getting there. (Almost)
    Your little tree in the coal bucket is so sweet that now I can’t wait to see how the rest of your cottage will be decorated for Christmas.
    Hang in there with remodel. It always gets ugly before it can be pretty.

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