decorating mojo… raspberry floral and taupe

Hola Cottage Fix friends!! Long time no see. Well, it’s about time I got back to it I think. It was a long winter for me with a relentless bout of family illnesses (just one after another) and snow (not a fan!). And then the illnesses trickled right on into Spring with Paisley our sweet Schnauzer pup. I’d like to forecast smooth sailing from here on out—fingers crossed. The past couple of days have been all sunshine, wellness, and good moods. So things are looking up!

As for my decorating mojo and love of all things vintage, shabby, and lovely…lost— and found. Wink.I’ve been up to quite a bit around here and it all started with—what? I’m not even sure.

We put our house on the market over the holidays which honestly was the pits. We looked at almost every house in our desired area and even picked one out. It was a charming cape cod fixer upper with gorgeous old details and a screened in side porch. It was slathered in vintage wall paper and came complete with two original 1950’s bathrooms, one in pink. I kind of loved it. But after we thought about it, we decided it just didn’t make sense. We were trying to downsize and the cape was just a little bit smaller than our current home.

And then our son returned home from college, family and friends came by for the holidays, and basically we came to the conclusion “What the heck were we thinking!” We don’t need a smaller house at the moment.So after all that, I delved into making our shabby vintage cottage exactly how I want it, which is just as cozy and snug as a bug in a rug. I purchased these raspberry floral cushion covers to start. They’re soft and cozy and add just the right pop of color i was hoping for.  And I’m trying to stick to only buying the covers, not the entire pillow, so I can change things up without needing so much storage space. Yes, I suffer from a wee bit of pillow hoarding. It’s fine.

And I’ve also been painting the living and dining room, still not quite done with that. I decided I need to include the entry and staircase, as well as the hallway at the top of the stairs. It’s a medium taupe color with gray undertones called Haven of Coziness in a flat finish by Clark + Kensington. It reminds me of the color of painting tarps, that sort of linen-y cotton. I always choose flat for wall color even though it can be harder to clean. I like the way it looks and I just save some paint to touch up with if I can’t get a spot clean. I’ve never worked with this brand before, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. It went on in one coat— do, da do, da do!!So that’s it for now. I’ll try to share some more of my recent makeovers before too long.

xoxo Sally