Aubusson blue painted hutch

Cottage Fix blog - Aubusson blue painted hutch

Aubusson blue painted hutch

Salutations! How about this lovely shade of Aubusson blue, one of my favorite shades of blue I think. It’s a deep rich blue with just a hint of green. I went back and forth about painting this old vintage hutch of mine. But after I finished dousing the dining room walls in this soft taupe, I thought a shot of color would liven it up. One of my go to furniture painting tricks is to take my Annie Sloan chalk paint color chart to Lowes for a color match. I painted this hutch in flat latex with built in primer in a color match of Aubusson blue. If you’re looking for a lot of chipping and distressing, I wouldn’t recommend latex paint. But for a full coverage furniture paint job, it goes on nicely. It’s also not a good choice to paint a new color over painted furniture, it doesn’t ever seem to dry. I learned that the hard way, twice!

 Aubusson Blue painted hutch

  • Wipe furniture down with a damp cloth and remove any hardware you don’t want painted
  • Apply two coats of latex paint with primer, allowing for dry time in between
  • Lightly sand the edges and raised areas to allow the wood color to show through (I went a bit overboard here and had to touch up some with more paint)
  • Apply clear wax for a vibrant durable finish and reattach the hardware or replace with new

Cottage Fix blog - Aubusson blue painted hutch

I thought my blue stripe pillow looked especially nice in here now.

Cottage Fix blog - blue stripe pillow

And here’s an old look at the dark stained wood finish…

Cottage Fix blog - dark stain hutch

also pretty.Cottage Fix blog - Aubusson blue hutch and flowers

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