Cottage Fix Friday flowers from the garden

Happy Friday Cottage Fix friends! Our garden is growing wild this year, or as I like to say; the green machine is kickin’! The hydrangea are especially thriving now that the shade tree we cut back is starting to fill in and provide a bit of canopy from the afternoon sun. We’ve also been getting bucket loads of rain resulting in an abundance of lush green. Unfortunately, the weeds also seem to be enjoying all this rain. But they’re not as much fun to pick as pretty vibrant blooms.

Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers from the garden

Cottage Fix blog - sun porch with garden bouquet Last year I shared about how hydrangea change color with the acidity of the soil. This hydrangea plant always blooms purple. Each bloom starts off pale green and slowly darkens to this rich deep purple.

Cottage Fix blog - purple hydrangea from the garden

Cottage Fix blog - settee and garden blooms

And the lace cap hydrangea are growing bigger and bigger. I read on Fine Gardening that hydrangea can be cut all the way to the ground in late winter to early spring to help the plant produce large full blooms and to prevent it from growing to tall. It also says that even though the older woody canes will produce smaller blooms, the sturdier canes help prevent plants from flopping over. We have some of both in our garden at the moment, and I prefer the fuller blooms on a floppier plant. Especially since I feel no guilt what-so-ever about snipping blooms that have flopped all the way over to the ground. Grin.

Cottage Fix blog - lace cap hydrangeaCottage Fix blog - lace cap hydrangeaFor this garden bouquet, I mixed purple hydrangea with lace caps, and then mixed in a couple sprigs of lily and the lavender and white mystery blooms.

Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers from the garden

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