shabby door with Parisian Gray chalk paint

Well hello there Cottage Fix friends!

It’s been busy for me here this week, partly because Mr. Manly is away on business so I’m doing his chores too. He really helps out more than I thought around here. I hope he doesn’t see that I said that! And partly because whenever he goes out of town, I like to keep myself busy with shenanigans of the painting and shopping variety. Some of my best online purchases were made when Mr. Manly was out of town. Grin.

Cottage Fix blog - shabby door with Parisian Gray chalk paintSo while I’m holding down the fort, and also to keep me out of the shops, I decided to tackle this little chalk paint project that’s been on my mind for a while. Do you ever worry before you get going on something that your going to like the “before” better than the “after”? Well that’s what’s been worrying me about painting this silly door that’s  propped up in the cottage corner. Deep breath… I think it’s the “after”. Yes, I like the “after” for sure. Phew!

Cottage Fix blog - gray chippy door and pink flowers

So here’s how I did it.

Cottage Fix blog - chippy paint door projectWhen I first brought this door home from my parents garage it was painted solid white and peeling some. I sanded the heck out of it to get it looking like the picture above. I like this look too, but I wanted to mix it up.

Cottage Fix blog - gray chalk paint project in the worksSo I painted it with a generic chalk paint in Parisian Gray. I just slapped it on with a brush.

Cottage Fix blog - chippy gray door and pink flowersAfter the chalk paint dried, I sanded it and sanded it. The paint came off easily in some spots so I just went with it.  I stepped back to see how it was looking and then freaked out as I realized there was gray dust floating through the air and covering the entire living room. Yikes! I went ahead and added a coat of white wax with a cloth and then got busy cleaning up the living room. The cleaning ended up taking longer than my project. If Mr. Manly had been around I’d tackle this project outside. But, my muscles are not quite big enough to lug this puppy out solo.

Cottage Fix blog - Parisian Gray chalk paint chippy doorIsn’t the gray and pink combination yummy.

Thanks for popping over for a peek!

Cottage Fix blog - pink blooms in a hanging bottle

xoxo Sally

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9 thoughts on “shabby door with Parisian Gray chalk paint

  1. kelly

    I love the new color of that door. It contrast nicely with the white in the room. I can only imagine all of the grey paint dust that went everywhere while you were sanding it. LOL!

  2. Victoria

    Oh Sally, your door is absolutely gorgeous!!! I just love the color you chose, so beautiful! And the little hooks look perfect too:) I love your little straw bags too! Chalk paint does sand sand off quite literally like chalk and can make such a mess but I think, in this case, it was definitely worth the clean up time!

  3. Julie

    Yes, I definitely give the gray paint a big thumbs up, Sally! And I do the exact same thing when my hubby is traveling…he often comes home to new paint colors, furnishings, etc. We wouldn’t want them to think we just sit around watching chick flicks all day, haha!

  4. Vickie

    I do it all the time……worry if the before will be better than the after! Your door looks lovely wearing its new shade of Parisian gray. And the straw bags look so pretty against the gray, too!

  5. Dore @ Burlap Luxe

    Oh Sally I remember your door post with the sanding of the white, to see a repeat but a change up with grey is quite charming for your romantic rustic cottage, and yes the punch of pink is so sweet with grey. I can see this door with stockings hanging from it and your Christmas tree off to the side In front of the door as a back drop to the staging of decor of your tree.

    It’s the kind of dust mess I get myself into often enough here as well, a project always goes so much smoother then the clean up 🙂

    Looking forward to more beauty you create here.


  6. Kerrie

    Sally your door is lovely. I can see it in pure white too with the cream and grey peeking through after distressing. You will enjoy it for the coming holidays.

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