frozen in Virginia

According to Al Roker, Virginia, along with most of the country,  is experiencing some of the coldest air we have seen in at least a decade.  I find it kind of exciting!  Yesterday I talked with a couple of people who both hate the cold and the short days that come along with winter around here.  I used to hate it too.  But it got me to thinking, I really don’t mind winter anymore.  As long as the sun is shining some and I have the chance to get outside, I have grown to enjoy these cold days, even the super cold ones!  There are a few things we’ve grown to love around here that make winter a little easier to tolerate.

the quest room with pjsa crackling fire

a basket of warm laundry

a stack of freshly washed peejays

Red Rose tea on distressed tablea piping hot cup of Red Rose tea