orange buttermilk cake

What’s up cottage fix friends?  We are eating orange buttermilk bundt cake around here.  It reminds me of my pound cake recipe and has just as much butter, eggs, and sugar, if not more.  The fresh orange makes this cake taste extra flavorful and unique.  I had some leftover buttermilk from the holidays and wanted to bake a buttermilk cake with it instead of just dumping it down the drain like I usually do – so wasteful.  I found this delicious recipe while surfing the web and it’s a keeper.  The orange zest in the cake and tangy orange juice in the glaze makes this cake something special.  Our house was filled with the sweet aroma of orange while it was baking in the oven.  “Whatcha  makin?”  Oh yeah, one of those kind of cakes!  I’ve always let the kiddos eat cake for breakfast, despite their father’s protest.  Cake for breakfast was always allowed when I was growing up, and it makes a regular old school day morning feel warm and fuzzy.  And I haven’t grown out of my “cake for breakfast stage,” you can still count on me to indulge in a slice along with my morning coffee.  Sweet!


orange buttermilk cake slice