birthday flowers and a winner

All good things going on here today. It’s my birthday, I’m showing off my birthday flowers, and there’s a winner from last weeks give-away. I had my son pick a number and he chose number two. Kelly from The Essence Of Home, it’s you. I hope you enjoy your new yoga mat as much as I do mine. Cottage Fix blog - pink roses in the sun porchCottage Fix blog - pink rosesCottage Fix blog - pink roses on the sun porchI brought home pink and yellow roses for my birthday week. We like to claim the entire week, sometimes even the whole month. Hmm… I could be on to something here—birthday flowers the whole month. Wink. The pink roses landed a spot on the sun porch, and the yellow blooms are brightening up the living room. They make me smile!
Cottage Fix blog - yellow roses in the living roomCottage Fix blog - yellow roses in a blue Ball jarI’m heading out to celebrate with my parents tonight at a neighborhood restaurant. I’m planning on ordering the eggplant Parmesan. It’s one of my favorite dishes and I can’t wait. I dreamed about it all weekend.

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xoxo Sally


12 thoughts on “birthday flowers and a winner

  1. Carol Cook

    We share a birthmonth, birthweek and almost a birthday – mine was yesterday.

    My birthday was quiet with me fighting a cold and hanging around the house because our painter (please finish today!!!) is not in love with dogs. But, when we went outside to head to dinner, there was a huge poinsettia plant taking up the entire width of the front door. My next door neighbor had remembered my birthday.

    Enjoy your special day.

  2. Victoria

    Happy Birthday Sally!!! I hope it’s a wonderful “week” of celebrating for you, starting off with flowers is a good thing:)

    Congratulations to Julie! I didn’t enter as I don’t do Yoga…I’ve heard such good things about it but haven’t been able to jump on board. I do Billy Blanks Tae Bo and it’s the only thing I find I stick to! I figure something’s better than nothing:)

    Lovely pics, I just love that floor!

  3. kelly

    Happy Birthday!!!! I love your beautiful flowers. I think the pink roses are my favorite. I had pink roses in my wedding! Hope you have a great time tonight. Thank you again for the giveaway! I’m super excited to get my mat and get back to doing yoga that I love. Just in time for the holidays too.

  4. Kerrie

    Happy belated Birthday dear Sally. We share November Birthdays. Mine is on November 11th. November is my favorite month of the year. I am so happy it is the month of my topaz birth. Do you like it? I hope you enjoyed the entire week and month. xo

    1. sally Post author

      Thank you Kerrie. Happy Birthday to you too!! Yes, I love having a November birthday and fall is my favorite time of year for sure.
      xo Sally

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