simple fall gardening

Hola! It’s my favorite time of year here on the East Coast of Virginia, early fall. I can’t get enough of the crisp cool air, sunshine, and hearty suppers that go along with cool fall days. This is also my favorite time of year to work in the garden, but I like to keep things simple and sweet.

Cottage Fix - ornamental kale for a simple fall gardenI like to fill my fall garden with lots of green. I love the way all the greens look when the leaves start to change.

Cottage Fix - simple fall gardeningI have sort of a thing for kale and cabbages, I really can’t explain it. And yes, I know it’s a weird one. They’re not the flashiest of potted plants, but I just love them. My mom likes to tell me this story of when she and her friend purchased a car load of cabbages at the pottery years ago; the car ride home was so stinky they could hardly stand it. So it’s not for the sweet smell, that’s for sure. This is ornamental kale and it looks like a giant green rose bloom to me. So pretty.

Cottage Fix - ornamental kale in a chippy clay pot

I usually go for pansies and violas too—now they smell sticky sweet! These are white and lavender violas and they will bloom here through spring, or at least until it starts to get really hot.

Cottage Fix - ornamental kale and violas for a simple fall garden

xoxo Sally

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7 thoughts on “simple fall gardening

  1. JoAnne

    Your outdoor space looks lovely, Sally. I really like the look of the kale too. I also wanted to mention that you take beautiful pictures ~ you have a real talent for it!

  2. kelly

    I like kale and cabbages too. They have a lot of texture with their ruffled leaves and the some of them have purple centers. Your pictures look so pretty. I’m sure you will have your garden looking the way you want it in no time.

  3. Lisa

    What a lovely garden! The white planters are so pretty filled with ornamental kale. They have a beautiful weathered finish…

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