Cottage Fix clay pots inside and out

Hola Cottage Fix crew! I always love clay pots filled with seasonal flowers out in our garden, pansies in the fall, and a different annual each spring. I love this look so much in fact, that I found some for inside too. I found this little group of three clay pots at a yard sale and I filled them with herbs to grow inside. They’ve been growing for a week now and they just keep getting bigger and bigger. I wasn’t sure if herbs would work or not potted inside, but so far so good.

Cottage Fix blog - clay pots and herbs growing inside

From left to right: basil, thyme, and tarragon.

Cottage Fix blog - thyme in clay pot growing inside

I keep them in the kitchen windowsill which is something I saw in one of my Frenchie lifestyle books French Chic Living, by Florence De Dampierre (2015). I’ve been so drawn to all things French lately and in this shabby kind of cottage a touch of oui oui goes a long way. How about this charming French kitchen with its beautiful tile work and large window with the sunlight streaming in? Sigh… I’m totally going to copy that little tea towel hanging under the sink. How cute is that! And could the goddess of treasure hunting please send a rustic table like that to one of the shops near me. I want that table!

Cottage Fix blog - French kitchen

And for my clay pots outdoors I went for a mix of pinks in varying shades. The pink wavy petunias on the patio will eventually spill over and trail down the sides. These are so easy to grow if you have plenty of sun in your garden. Here on the patio we get plenty of afternoon sun for these to really take off. If all goes well, they’ll bloom all through the summer.

Cottage Fix blog- clay pot with a pink wavy petunia on the patio

And on our front stoop I mixed Dianthus with Dusty Miller, and not just any old Dianthus– this is called The Love Doctor Dianthus. Ahem. The colors are so pretty together. The bright Love Doctor mixed with the Dusty soft mint are a’mixing and a’mingling out front.

Cottage Fix blog - Dianthus and Dusty Miller

One thing I’ve found with cottage style is it’s so easy to mix in a bit of this and a bit of that to create a fresh look. Lately I’m feeling all French cottage–y for sure. But with cottage style it’s so easy to incorporate French, shabby chic, country, beachy, rustic, and even modern. You name it, really anything goes.

Cottage Fix blog - clay pots with herbs growing inside

Cottage Fix blog- basil growing inside

Cottage Fix blog - clay pot with pink wavy petunia on the patioHappy Friday!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - French kitchen with clay pots


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  1. Julie

    Those really are pretty with the herbs in them. They look so healthy and also charming. The French style is perfect to incorporate into your style, Sally.

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