sea breezes and sunshine in Corolla

Hello there Cottage Fix friends! It was so nice to get away for a long weekend of sea breezes and sunshine, free from schedules. The water was a gorgeous aqua blue and full of marine life when we arrived in Corolla, North Carolina on Friday. We saw hundreds of fish flapping and popping up from the shore and pod after pod of dolphins swimming and leaping by. Apparently someone down the beach from us spotted a “shark”, but Mr. Manley says it probably was not. I still got into the water though, all the way up to my ankles. Grin.

Cottage Fix blog - Corolla beach in the Outer Banks

I’m sure our beach trips are much the same as yours; toes in the sand, soaking up the sun, drifting off to sleep in the salty air, and just relaxing big time. We managed to wrangle up fish tacos for two of our meals, man they were delicious! We fell in love with fish tacos when we lived in California and now we order them every time we’re at a restaurant near good fishing. I’ve even learned how to make them myself in case of a fish taco emergency.

Cottage Fix blog - Corolla beach in the Outer Banks  Cottage Fix blog - Corolla beach in the Outer Banks

Cottage Fix blog - roadside produce stand in CorollaWe bought fresh produce and brought home tomatoes, watermelon, and peaches to munch on this week. Isn’t this the cutest little roadside produce stand! There’s nothing like a home grown or farm fresh sweet juicy summer tomato. One of my favorite things in life I’m sure.

Cottage Fix blog - Corolla beach in the Outer Banks      Cottage Fix blog - a seagull  Cottage Fix blog - Corolla beach in the Outer Banks

A storm rolled in the last night we were there and we watched the lightning strike over the water (from a safe distance in the shelter of our hotel room). The next morning the ocean had turned a grayish blue.

Cottage Fix blog - me

We took one last morning walk before it was time to head home.

Cottage Fix blog - Corolla beach in the Outer Banks

On the way home again, bloggedy blog.

Cottage Fix blog - Virginia Is For Loversxoxo Sally


9 thoughts on “sea breezes and sunshine in Corolla

  1. kelly

    I’m so glad that you were able to get to finally go to the beach this summer! I miss it already since we went back in early June. Loved your pictures. We live so far away from the beach so we don’t get to go often. I’ve been seeing all those shark attacks on the news. It seems most of them are in NC too! Yikes! We went to New Smyrna Beach in FL and our big fear was the rip currents at the time. There were reportings of people that had drowned while we were there and one teenager went missing while we were there and was found the next day. Seems there is always something to be afraid of at the ocean huh?

  2. Carol Cook

    We paddled our kayaks out to the mile marker a couple of weeks ago. It was a perfect day – hot . sunny . blue water . lots of other boats on the water. When we got back in, we were told that there had been 7 white sharks spotted about 1/2 mile from where we were!

  3. Victoria

    Beautiful beach pics! I lived in So Cal for over 30 years but we rarely ventured to the beach, just so much traffic and to do. We now live in FL, about 6 miles from the beach and yep…still hardly ever go LOL. It is a beautiful place to be near though and so glad you had such a lovely time:) My brother and his family live in NC and love it!

  4. Lorraine

    sounds and looks like a great get away………I did get my throws and thank you again Sally for getting me hooked on them…love them the other one I got is nice but the mohair ?/ sort of shreds a bit ~ and I find hairs here and there and make me cough…..
    but I still love it ..this is a nice cotton one……one for my couch one for my porch swing……thanks so much Lorraine

  5. Julie

    What beautiful photos of the beach, Sally. Glad you enjoyed your weekend away and were able to come back refreshed 🙂

  6. Kerrie

    The ocean is my favorite place to be. Your weekend getaway looks and sounds refreshing. The colors of the water so breathtaking. We will be on the Sonoma Coast this weekend. We love fish tacos. I make them at home all the time. Sea Tidings, Kerrie

  7. Dore

    Beauty, the salt of the air, and the feel of the sea breeze against your face, is there anything better then this.
    What a wonderful vacation. Will see you whe. You get home and share with us more that has inspired your home.


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