a buffet in the kitchen, why not?

Salutations! So … what happens when you buy a largish piano and you have not a single empty spot in the house for it to land? The furniture gets a little rearranging! The buffet was the largest piece of furniture standing between me and my son’s eternal musical happiness — so I moved it into the kitchen.

dishes and hydrangeas piled on the buffetI had intended on getting rid of the buffet altogether. Much of the living room furniture went to my mom’s house or the consignment shop. But as I was hauling furniture out piece by piece, I began to realize that I had nowhere to store my pasta bowl, my vases, and all my little goodies that I couldn’t seem to part with.

the vintage buffet moves to the kithcenSo a buffet in the kitchen started making sense. It has become home to our silverware and snacks, and I think I might actually like it more than the table that was here before because it has more storage.  Man, I can fill this baby up with tons of stuff!

vintage canisters on the buffet

I am now on the hunt for a smaller coffee table and fabric to slipcover a small-frame chair for the living room. The piano could use a couple of friends!

piano with hydrangeas

What’s bloomin’ in the back garden?  The primrose is still blooming and the echinacea (i.e. coneflower) is in bloom. The hydrangea is just starting though. I might have picked these a little early – I couldn’t resist!

hydrangeas and a cup of coffee

xoxo Sally



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