Friday flowers ~ garden blooms in a blue Ball jar

Hola fine people of the world wide webernet! I’m blogging in today with a wild looking bouquet plucked straight from the back garden. I arranged these in my grandma’s old blue Ball jar. This perennial flower is a bright pink daisy–like bloom with an orange center, i’d say the coloring is very similar to the pink cone flower. I always love when these start to appear out back, it means fall is not far off. This patch of late summer flowers was already here when we moved in and thankfully we’ve managed to keep it thriving. They like a lot of sunshine and spread out over time just like daisies. So I’m guessing, like daisies, they’re easy to grow. Lucky for us! Grin.Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers, late summer bloomsCottage Fix blog - Friday flowers, pink late bloomers in a blue Ball jar

So it’s a whimsical garden bouquet for Friday flowers today for the anticipation of fall. With the air starting to cool off and days getting shorter, it won’t be long now. Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers, bright pink blooms with orange centersCottage Fix blog - Friday flowers, bright pink bouquet on the sun porch

Happy Friday!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers, bright pink bouquet on the sun porch


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