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Happy Friday Cottage Fix friends! It’s been a long one, and we’re going on day two of a three day rain here. I spent the morning at the gym and the afternoon baking and cleaning. If I don’t keep myself busy during these long spells of dreary weather I’ll sink into a lull until the sunshine returns. Cottage Fix blog - peonies Friday flowers

I brought home these peonies and I’m showing them off today for Friday flowers, love those fluffled, ruffled blooms! These are in pinks and white from Trader Joes.

And I redid the dining table for the umpteenth time, I’m just noticing the sheen in these photos. I used regular latex paint in satin and topped it with poly, also in satin. I’m digging it, sometimes it takes me a couple of tries with color. The chalk paint wasn’t durable enough for me as a tabletop finish. Our drinking glasses were leaving ring marks in the wax finish, and I could never seem to get them clean.

I’ll share more details on this makeover soon. I’m happy with the color—finally!Cottage Fix blog - peonies Friday flowersHave a great weekend!

xoxo SallyCottage Fix blog - peonies Friday flowers


2 thoughts on “cottage fix Friday flowers

  1. Julie

    I do like the color of your table, Sally. I’m anxious to hear about the process you used to get that pretty finish. The peonies are so pretty! I hope they make your room smell nice, too 🙂

    1. sally Post author

      Thank you for always leaving the nicest compliments Julie! Have a wonderful week! xo

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