it’s hot

Hola Cottage Fix friends! How’s your summer going? It’s hot here, week after week of hot.

This past weekend Honey and i hopped on our bikes and headed to the nearby trail for a morning hike, something that has become somewhat of a weekend ritual for us. As we pulled in to park our bikes along the fence, I could feel a warm breeze coming off the shore and was greeted by the scent of the drying river bank. It’s a distinct smell, sort of fresh and beachy, but there’s an underlying hint of fish. Honey finds it to be unpleasant. It always brings me back to long summer days of hunting for the perfect seashell and then baking under the afternoon sun.

Cottage Fix blog - beach on a hot day in Virginia

The trail we frequent is in the woods adjacent to the river and travels around a small lake. The pathway is made up of crushed oyster shells at the start and then quickly switches over to gravel and dirt. It’s mostly covered by tree canopy and is densely shaded. But still, it’s hot. If you’re not accustomed to heat and humidity there’s nothing quite like a Virginia summer near the coast. The days are hot, muggy, and humid and often give way to afternoon storms. The only way to be comfortable outdoors is in the shade or at the beach. And on very hot days, at the beach and in the water.

Other than our morning walks and weekend trips to the beach, I mostly just like to soak up the AC. The garden is going to be a jungle come fall.

Cottage Fix blog - hot day outside, AC inside

Thought I’d share a few Instagram pics this week and then I’m off to the store for flowers and coffee. The garden is looking very green, but not much in the way of blooms other than a patch of thirsty daisies.

Cottage Fix blog -blueberry pancakes Cottage Fix blog - beach and clouds in VirginiaCottage Fix blog - pink sheets

PS A warm breeze on a super hot day is about as welcome as it sounds!

PPS Fresh new pink shabby chic sheets – yay!

xoxo Sally


2 thoughts on “it’s hot

  1. Julie

    Your photos are always so well done, Sally. I’ve never been to Virginia, but I’ve been to other places that have similar weather near the water. Everyone is always surprised to learn that we have a LOT of humidity here in Nebraska, even though we are in the middle of flat plains. They say it is from all of the farmers’ irrigation. Can’t wait to see what new flowers you add in your cottage next. Our gardens are going to be a jungle this fall, too, ugh.

  2. Kelly

    Oh I know all about heat! We’ve been having afternoon storms almost daily here in Ga and it has been so humid and sticky outside. This summer has been wetter than usual. At least you live close to the beach. I bet the breeze feels delightful.

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