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it’s hot

Hola Cottage Fix friends! How’s your summer going? It’s hot here, week after week of hot. This past weekend Honey and i hopped on our bikes and headed to the nearby trail for a morning hike, something that has become somewhat of a weekend ritual for us. As we pulled in to park our bikes along the fence, I could feel a warm breeze coming off the shore and was greeted by the scent of the drying river bank. It’s […]


Cottage Fix winter days

Last night I drifted off to sleep to the steady drip of the melting snow. In the wee hours of the dark night I was awakened by the same drip, drip, drip, and then again early this morning. All through breakfast and well into the evening—drip, drip, drip. The snow’s melting away and leaving a mess of slush and muck in the place of its pure fresh beauty. We are finally starting to thaw out here after being under the […]


balance for well being

Hello there fine people of blogland! So much has been happening around here this summer and I’m finding it hard to remember just how it all started. And I’m sure you’re dying to hear the whole thing from start to finish. Grin. I guess it was with an Iphone app, My Fitness Pal. Some of honey’s coworkers introduced him to this calorie-counting, nutrition-tracking app, and we both became obsessed with tracking our daily caloric intake. I quickly realized that I […]